My version of Easter Eggs


Happy Easter!!

I am back from my amazingly fun adventures to the Oregon Coast! I missed you all.  I will fully report on our trip on monday but had something special in mind for today.    

First things first… I knew what was in store for me today (two BIG Easter dinners). I knew I HAD to get a run in before all the feasting began, so J. Alabama,  his friend Marcus and I decided to go for a leisurely 3.25 mile easter run.      

J. Alabama, Me & Marcus post-run


This run was exactly what I needed to prep me for my second race of the year next Saturday. I’m excited to take on this upcoming 5k. It basically marks my 1 year anniversary of running. I hope to beat my PR of 31:30.        



Today’s running splits were:  

  • Mile 1:   10:11/mile 
  • Mile 2:   10:11/mile
  • Mile 3:   10:26/mile
  • Mile 3.25: 11:10/mile

Total: 3.27 miles in 33:51  

I was definitely running more leisurely today, but know that when I am in a race I tend to push myself harder. Either way, I am just super stoked to race next saturday!     

Now onto the Easter-y stuff…         
Now those are some pretty easter eggs.          


Okay, so you may remember a few posts back I mentioned that my brother wanted to show me his chickens and I promised that I would tell you more about them in another post… well here it is folks!               

In light of it being Easter, I thought I would show off my brother’s chicken’s and all their hard work these past few weeks.            



He purchased these chickens as baby chicks and has been raising them in his back yard.   He hand feeds them flax seeds.       


He built this chicken coup with the help of his roommate.            


I guess what truly amazes me that he did this all on his own. We never grew up on a farm or anything, he just got the idea one day that he could raise his own chickens as a way to be self-sustained. And he was successful!            

His chickens have been on a roll lately popping out about a dozen eggs per day! The coolest thing is that his chicken lay colored eggs. I PROMISE you the eggs in the picture have not been colored. This is how they look naturally.            


You have heard of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs & Ham? Well I assume this is where they come from. His chickens lay green, blue and reddish bown eggs. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. 🙂            


Well we decided to take a few inside and see how they rated in a taste test.            



Well, I forgot to take a shot of the eggs plated, but let me just tell you they tasted delicious.            

I was a little weirded out that we just literally picked the eggs out of the nest and were eating them, but after one bite I could taste the difference of his fresh farm eggs. YUM YUM YUM!     

I can only relate how cool I think is to that of someone who has a flourishing garden. It’s just so amazing that you can grown these things yourself and how fresh and delicious everything tastes. I hope to someday have my own garden full of yummy veggies!      


I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I am glad to be back to the Bloggy world and can’t wait to share some of our recent trip with you tomorrow.     

Do you have your own garden? If so, what types of things do you grow?      

2 thoughts on “My version of Easter Eggs

  1. hey!!! im glad ur back!!! happy easter. cannot wait to hear about ur wonderful trip.
    great job on the run.
    and ya, those eggs are cool. I have never had freshly picked eggs, but i bet they are sooooo delicious!
    good luck on ur 2 dinner. i am just resting in between my 2 meals. we did a brunch at my house and im soon off to the bf’s house for dinner. ugh. so much food!
    anyways, glad to have u back. missed u! 🙂

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