Portland in Pictures


Happy Monday everyone!

I feel like I am finally starting to get into a groove with my running. I was looking over my miles ran for the last few months and noticed I am running more and increasing my overall mileage.

January:  24.75 miles

February:  24.25 miles

March: 34.50 miles

I found that I was running less through the winter and was having trouble with motivation in my running earlier this year. I am happy to report that my race calendar has helped inspire me and keep me excited for training and running races.  I am hoping to increase this month’s mileage as well. I know as the weather is getting nicer that will help get my arse in gear to hit the road litterally! 🙂


I wanted to give you a little peak at some of my favorite pictures from our wild and crazy adventures last week. I am going to split it up over the course of the next few days as to not overload with you too many pictures.


Portland, Oregon


The Nines Hotel in downtown Portland. Our 5 star steal from Hotwire.com – AMAZING!


A lovely fountain


Mr. Beaver


My favorite bar in Portland. Live Irish Music & Guinness, what more could you want?


Me. Sequina & Dawn – Friends from Boise who have relocated to P-Town. Thanks for showing us around!!

The Infamous VOODOO Doughnut, apparently a must see & taste according to everyone!

They are known for their maple doughnut that has strips of bacon on top, unfortunately the were out when we arrived. We ended up with the fine selction below.

Oreo & Fruitloops on Doughnuts, probably not the healthiest of choices…. but they tasted ah ma zing!

Well friends, that was the jist of our day in Portland. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of our Coastal Adventures.

See you tomorrow and happy running!!


7 thoughts on “Portland in Pictures

  1. gorgeous pix! u and the bf look very pretty!
    thnx for a little insight to ur trip! we all missed u and ur smiling face! happy that you are back!!!

  2. I so want to visit Portland! Someday! What a fun little bar, that would be right up my alley. 😀

    I love in your Easter post how you said you needed to start the day with a run, this is how I feel on holidays too! It makes me feel more balanced throughout the rest of the day.

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