Track Interval Tuesday!


So today’s lunchtime adventures were  inspired by Marlene.

Yep, Marlene eats track interval workouts for lunch. Mmm… tasty! 

This inspired me to do the same. I brought my running gear from home today in preparation, got all decked out  and headed on over to the local highschool track and busted out some speedwork drills during my lunch break.


Lunchtime Workout:

I asked J. Alabama to write me a speedwork cheat sheet this morning and I stuck it in my pocket during my workouts.

Okay, so I was doing really well on not stopping or taking any walking breaks until the Highschool P.E class bombarded the track half-way through my interval training. They were getting timed on their mile run so I backed off a bit on running until they had all passed me and tried to keep a distance behind them. I almost just joined right in, but the P.E teacher gave me a weird look like I should probably leave the track. Eek. So I went back to working on my interval training, with a little less sprint and more of a tempo run.

My Splits: I did not track the individual splits of the 200 & 400 meter runs, but instead did by miles on garmina

  • Mile 1:  9:09
  • Mile 2:  10:03
  • Mile 3:  9:43 

 Total : 3 miles in 28:59 minutes!  (That might be a record for me!)


My Lunch:  African Inspired Sweet Potato Peanut Soup

Today’s Lunch was definitely inspired by Caitlin’s  post last week.

After I saw pictures of her lunch I knew I had to make this masterpeice. 

I followed more of Caitlin’s recommendations of making this soup as I do not have a crockpot either. I must also admit that this soup has a bit of a bite to it. Spicy Spicy!  It was thick and filling and delicious. 🙂  


Now onto Day#2 of my Coast-ation (Coastal Vacation) Recap:

We spent one lovely day in Newport and loved every minute of it, despite the rain &  the 50+ mile an hour winds.

In my picture montage you will see the following:

  • The beach outside our motel room
  • A puffin bird from the Aquarium we visited
  • The “petting zoo” as I reffer to it – it was really an open aquarium to pet the Sea Anenomies, Sea Cucumbers & Starfish
  • Pictures of our awesome Camelot Themed motel room at Moolack Shores
  • Our Rogue Beer Sampler at the Rogue Pub


Newport, Oregon




So there was a lovely look into part of our Coast-ation. I should have the final pictures recapping our trip tomorrow.

Do you ever run/workout on your lunch break?  I really just hate being sweaty and gross the whole day after, but I really had no desire to get up early this morning and well I have a birthday party to go to after work. 

Happy Birthday Brooke & Dawn!


7 thoughts on “Track Interval Tuesday!

  1. Love the pictures!

    I have gone to the park to run on my lunch before! I hate coming back to work all hot and sweaty but I work with family so I don’t care if they are bothered by it. LOL

  2. great workout! that is an awesome time! i wish i had time to run at lunch! too bad you couldnt join the high schoolers….that would be a great story to tell!
    and awesome pix! looked windy and chilly. but the beer looked very niiiiice and i bet it kept u guys warm!

  3. Love your self-portraits and congrats on the great 3-mile splits!!

    I had to workout during lunch today — I had a training session that was going to expire today if I didn’t use it — and I wasn’t a fan of going back to work post-workout. Thankfully, I didn’t sweat too much and don’t smell! I don’t think I could do a long run during lunch…

  4. Three things: 1) One of my coworkers runs on her lunch and after I got a wiff of her one afternoon, I opted against following suit – but I’m sure there are ways to avoid to the post run odor! 2) I saw that soup on Caitlins page and added it to my recipe to-do list! Can’t wait to try it – yum! 3) I had every intention on doing a track workout yesterday, but when I showed up at the local high school they were having a track meet – what gives!? I’m glad your workout went so well. We seem to be pretty evenly matched, pace wise. 🙂

  5. I love the photos, especially the puffin bird!

    I do sometimes run during lunch and almost always work out during lunch. I hate being sweaty too. Wonder if my coworkers notice. If I run, I take a shower, but otherwise, I don’t!

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