In The Middle


Oh the frustrations of weight loss. Yes, I am complaining about the middle. Not just my middle per say, but being in the between times. The times where progress seems like its being made, but then again I haven’t made a huge dent in anything to prove it.

I have been on this weight loss teeter-totter for at least 6 months. I am hanging out in the plus 5 pounds, minus 5 pounds and quite frankly I am sick of it.

Today I am on the upside of things, I am up a notch on the ole belt loop and my pants are still feeling loose like they are going to fall off – I should be stoked right? Sadly I am not. I can’t get over my EPIC FAILURE at shopping this weekend.

I have no idea what size I am anymore. I am not sure if it’s a marketing thing to mess with my mind or if I really am just in between sizes. I was trying on medium and large tops and it never failed that the medium was too small and the large was just too big.

Ugh… Now I guess I should be stoked that my pants are falling off of me, but when I went to Maurices this past weekend to buy the same pants a size smaller they did not fit, not even a little.

Now in the last year I lost 14 pounds. 14 pounds. That was a great feeling and a great start, but there hasn’t been much movement since September. Well except for the up five, down five. I am teetering between size 12-14, between a size medium shirt and size large shirt.

I am trying to focus on the positive fact that I am maintaining, that for some people is a hard feat.  I wonder how much more I have to do get to a place where I feel satisfied.  

I was once told that as soon as I stop worrying about the weight it will just come off naturally. I keep thinking there is some truth to this. I lived 9 months in Italy, ate all the pasta and wine I wanted and managed to lose 25 lbs effortlessly. Granted I was walking everywhere, but I was not counting calories, I was not controlling my food intake, I was not even doing  routine workouts. I am still baffled by whatever took place that year in my body.

I will overcome this obstacle. I decided that it has to come easy and naturally otherwise it will never stick and never happen. I need to make choices that are life choices. I am just ready for a change.

I would like to focus on the positives of last year:

  • Lost 14 pounds
  • I started a running program
  • Ran my first 5k & 10k races
  • I am incorporating fruits and veggies into my diet daily
  • I am drinking more water
  • I am cooking more creative and healthy meals
  • Spent less time in front of the tv and more time at the gym
  • Started this blog as a way to document my marathon journey and to keep motivated in my weight loss
  • I had to add that J. Alabama came into my life too – that is a major plus! 😉

Now, I truly hope that a change in my mindset will be the thing that clicks my body to follow suit. I am going to focus on food being fuel for my body, not something I can or can’t eat. I am going to look at working out and running as a treat after a long day at work, not something dreaded that I.HAVE.TO.DO.

So here goes…. A new attitude for the girl stuck in the middle. I have come a long way in one year, so I know anything is possible.

8 thoughts on “In The Middle

  1. Hey Linz! I’m feeling that way too right now. I’m totally between sizes: my favorite pair of jeans is just a tad too small right now and my other fav pair are just a little too big. WTH? Amber told me that her sister got that last bit of baby weight off by spinning a lot. Maybe that would help!

  2. Okay, there are 2 things I have learned:

    1. attitude is everything (well, almost…)



    Okay, I might be exaggerating but I have the hardest time buying clothes. Especially JEANS! I swea ri have tried every size by every brand and nothing fits. This is how I wanted to celebrate a recent milestone and I can’t freaking find a pair. Not to mention a size whatever in one brand is TOTALLY different from another.

    But I digress.

    You have made great strides in becoming the new, healthier you. Continue to celebrate your achievements and keep moving int he right direction.

  3. I can’t say that the same issues that derailed my weight loss are the same factors that are foiling yours, but I thought I’d share anyway. Two years ago I dropped about 25 lbs. People asked me what I changed and it wasn’t a clear cut answer. I didn’t do anything with diet or excercise that I hadn’t tried before, the difference was that all the sudden it was actually working. I was able to determine two factors that I believe were major contibutors and both happend to involve hormones.

    1) I stopped taking the pill. I was moody, overweight, my hair was brittle, I was getting hyperpigmentation spots on my face (my face!) – I’d had enough.

    2) I had my thyroid checked. It was diagnosed as over-active when I was in high school which can lead to weight gain, but it needs regulation with medication and dosages change over time.

    Within three months I was down 20 lbs. Like I said, I can’t make assumptions about your body, but sometimes there’s something going on inside that no amount of excercise or dieting can help. Food for thought!

    Don’t give up! You’re doing fantasic!

  4. I’ve been in the middle for 2 years now…I lost enough to where I am comfortable (in clothing!), but when I put that swimsuit on, I know I could lose about 15-20 more lbs. I’m going to Mexico in a week and it’s starting to set in…yikes…white pasty thighs in a bikini!!!! May have to pick up some self tanner to help the situation a little!

  5. u have done really well because you worked hard and you believed in yourself. And more will happen. you will drop more pounds. you just have to be positive because negative thinking will only cause you to stress….and stress is bad. so focus on the positive and good things in your life and the pounds will shed. for sure!!!!

  6. I hear ya sister. My advice as a older and wiser 30 something chica? Stay out of Maurices or any other teenie bopper store and clothes will fit you a lot better and you will drop at least one size. Hey, it may be all mental… but take it! 🙂

  7. It takes me a LONG time to see any weightloss sometimes… I could be doing everything right and that scale wont move at all, and then one day I step on it and I’m down a couple of lbs for no reason.
    I think that perhaps you need to mix it up a bit, sometimes giving your body something different to work with makes a big difference. Change up your food and workouts.
    And I agree with Abbey, stay out of the Teenie bopper stores… their sizing is really OFF!! They aren’t made for Womens bodies!!

  8. Good luck! I think the switch in mindset will help. I have been turning to food when I am bored or want to avoid something, so for me, the key is staying occupied!

    I hate that in-between phase where nothing fits right! 😦

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