Running A Relay!


Last night was a productive good night. Don’t you love it when that happens?    

I have been working on my mental running plan and knew that I was going to run after work no matter what. I told myself that rain or shine, running group or not, I would get some miles in.     

It turned out that none of the Will Run For Wine-ers were able to join me so it was a solo run. Luckily I had mentally prepared for this moment and knew I couldn’t back out. I even planned on going to the gym but noticed that the sky had cleared up and it had turned into a beautiful day. I had no excuses but to get out there and get my run on!     


I ran a great new route that ending up being around 3.75 miles.     

Garmina was being weird at first so I didn’t rely too much on my mile splits. Though I was running between 9:50 – 10: 30 /minute miles. I had to take a lot of walking breaks after mile two due to an unsettled stomach. I finished the run in under 40 minutes. Judging from my picture above it was quite the work-out!     

Good news! Last night’s run brought me exactly to 100 miles ran in 2010!! 🙂      


In other running news….

I was excited to have my first official meeting with the peeps I am running the Sawtooth Relay race with this summer.      

Maria & Christa

We met last night to discuss logistics like team names, lodging during the race, transportation, meal planning and even discussed which legs each of us are going to run.     

The Sawtooth Relay is happening June 12th – which gives me 2 months to train.  I’m not skiiiiiiirrrd, oh no. But I am being realistic, this is my first relay race, there will be mountains and inclines involved, cold weather and our start times could be as early as 2:00-3:00 AM  for this race. So in my panic preparation I found this AWESOME blog that has everything you EVER wanted to know about running in a Relay Race.     

Check it out – – It gave us tons of ideas for team names, training plans, things that we would never think of as newbies. Great resource!!     

Question for my lovely readers:

I have this question that keeps running through my mind… Do I train for two a days, running in the morning and then again in the evening to better prepare myself for the two 5 mile legs I have to run in one day?  

Or do I follow a half-marathon plan, since I will be running my first half a  month after this relay. The half-marathon plan will still help get in the long distance miles, but not so much the running twice in one day. I appreciate your feed back as my whole relay team (except Will) is new to relay races.     

Tara & Maria

The Linz & Will (this pic was post run – ugh I was still sweaty) 😦


So our big accomplishment last night was coming up with a team name. It took us over an hour of brainstorming and trying to play on words to come up with the winning name. Now, most of you won’t be surprised by the name we picked due to my other running group (Will Run For Wine). So after lots of discussion we decided to name our relay team – PBR (Proffessional Beer Run).    

LOL! It’s funny to me because it’s a play on the word run and we all love our beer. I am running this race with a group of friends that I went to highschool with (plus J. Alabama) and we all used to drink the Natural Light and Bush Light beers. So we felt that PBR would definitely represent that bond.   

I am just really excited to once again take my running efforts to a new level. I think a relay will be a great way to train for my hilly marathon and will be another fun adventure!  


Have you run in a relay race? Do you have any tips for a newbie?  




15 thoughts on “Running A Relay!

  1. I’ve never ran a relay. I was hoping to talk my hubby into running the Disney Wine and Dine Half marathon relay this year but since he coaches football that is kind of hard. It is right in the middle of football season. LOL

    Anyway, good luck to you! I know you will do great!

    Oh and thanks for the shirt! 🙂

  2. No advice on the relay i have never run one. I am preparing for my first half at the end of may. I kept adding to my distance and then went and ran the whole thing on day – I’m crazy like that 🙂

    I have heard alot of mixed things, like you should never run the full distance in training before the race, I have also heard to run the full distance before the race and then work on hills and speed work…Who knows 🙂

    I just say do what feels right to prepare you for your run, you are going to do great!

  3. That is so exciting and totally hardcore! Good for you! 😀 I don’t think I could do a relay only because crazy sleeping conditions combined with crazy eating schedules would make me super cranky and less able to preform.

    Love the Will Run for Wine group name and the relay name!

  4. I’ve never run a relay, but if it were me I would definitely do some training with twice a day runs. I’ve heard of people training like that for half/full marathons too so I would think it would only benefit that as well. I have run twice a day a few times before and that 2nd run is definitely more challenging, so I would want to train that a bit.

    2-3 AM – YIKES! I don’t think I could function for that. Yuck! 😉

  5. Great job getting out there for a run, and congrats on choosing your team name (FUN)! I’ve never participated in a relay, but would *love* to! If you’re going into this for fun, I wouldn’t worry too much about training for doubles. It’s going to be hard reglardless because of the crazy hours and mountains… you don’t want to overdo it in your training.

  6. I have never run a relay, but I believe that “miles are miles” no matter how you get them. I do two-a-days during the workweek so that I don’t have to do an exceptionally long run when I get home from work. I only run once (longer distances) on Saturdays and Sundays. That plan has worked well for me all the way from 5Ks to marathons. I think that the relay will be both fun and exciting!

  7. I’ve never ran a relay! I wouldn’t know what the best training plan for that would be. I think running twice a day maybe only once a week and half-marathon training for the rest of the days might not be so bad.

    Love the team name!

  8. love the name of ur group! its awesome!!!
    its great that u r doing a relay. i wanna do one!!!!
    ive never done one. i am actually searching for one in the toronto area for next year. lol

    and about ur training…..i would prolly do a few longer runs, and then some doubles. or even when u r at the gym, run for a few miles, then some some stretching, strengthening and jump back on the treadmill.

    let us know how u proceed with ur training. cant wait to hear about it! 🙂

  9. So here you go… after many relays…. a few tips. Bring extra running gear for your second leg. Nothing worse then wet gear. And I mean ALL the grear (except shoes)Trash bag to put USED clothes in. Fav lounge ware to put on in between runs. Fav GOOD for you snacks, I find it hard to eat BIG between runs. I have never done two runs a day for this distance. Especially since you are training for the half I think you will be just fine! O.K. that’s it, I think…

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