A Biggest Loser Lesson…


Did you catch the Biggest Loser last night?

I have not been able to stop thinking about the message Suze Orman gave last night when she was on the show.

For a re-cap of last night’s episode click here.

She clearly correlated not counting calories with racking up debt. It’s putting my brain in a boggle.

It does make sense that if your health habits are out-of-order something else in your life is probably out-of-order. Which is what I love about the Biggest Loser, they try to dig deep to find the real root of the weight gain issues for these contestants.

I had to take a second and look at my own situation and see if this is true. Currently I have been “working” on my financial situation. I have been struggling with my weight and well I am in debt. So sure I can say she is probably onto  something.

I am a single woman who during college worked 2-3 jobs simultaneously to support myself, paid for the majority of college on my own and was also over extended by being involved in a Sorority and various clubs and organizations on campus. These activities sort of pushed me into the debt situation that I am working with now. I also began the weight gaining cycle as soon as the stresses of all these activities built up and I sort of lost myself. I wasn’t finding time to work out and I wasn’t eating healthy or being healthy.

It’s amazing that it has taken me this episode to see these two problems as possibly being connected. I just sort of feel lost now. Suze did not really give a fool proof answer on how to turn it all around.

Sure, I am working like crazy person to train for races, to get other workouts in daily and to eat healthy. But no I am not religiously everyday counting calories. I am not being accountable for every single bite of food that goes into my mouth. There is definitely room for improvement in this area. I would like to go back to writing down my meals just to get an idea of where I am at. When I do this I do eat better, because I have to write it down.

I am going to assume that she would have me treat my bank account just like an allotted amount of calories per day. I only get so many and I need to make the right (healthy) choices with it. It’s just a little more abstract when it comes to money and budgeting. I have tried over and over again to budget, but I can’t find a rhythm that works for me.

Morgan at Life After Bagels has made her situation work by putting money into jars. (click her link to be directed to the post about how that works for her). I think it’s a fun idea and helps you to see the money in the jars, but I can’t quite get myself to account for all expenses all the time. Also, I am not financially in a place where I can really over pay on my credit cards and get them down.

So my goal of this rant, is to take some time this weekend and look a little bit harder at my budgeting routine. See if I can rein in some of the unneccessary spending and see how my budgeting and my weight can become a happy subject in my life. And how the two of these issues are connected. I would like to live a happy, debt free and healthy life.
Do you think that there is a correlation between your waistline and your bank account? Just curious what your opinions are.


6 thoughts on “A Biggest Loser Lesson…

  1. i agree with u and susan. there is a big correlation with health and other aspects of your life.
    in university, i was the same way. i worked hard to put myself through school and ended up in debt. I have been out for school for 4 years and am still working on paying off my student loan. and this debt, my health was not good. but slowly its getting better. as my debt is decreasing, my health is increasing. YAY! i hope to be out of debt by the end of this year, and really start saving for a house. and i hope to be really healthy at the end of this year too.

    i never thought about documenting all my spendings. like counting calories, i would probably be shocked at where my money goes in a week, or a month. maybe ill try it next week!

    another great post!!!

  2. TBL was great last night… definitely some new ideas to think about. The important thing here is that you are becoming aware and taking steps to improve all aspects of your life. Good luck!

  3. I agree AND disagree with Suze. (Which, btw, Kristin Wiig does the most HILARIOUS impression of her on SNL.) I agree with the correlation part but NOT with the counting calories part. I think moderation is key when it comes to your diet. If you stick to mostly natural, whole foods that come out of the ground or grow on something, you’re on the right track.

    As for the budget, Brent and I try to stick with cash. We know all of our bills total a certain amount. So that stays in our account. Then, we allot ourselves personal money and grocery money. This comes out as cash and it’s ALL the money we get until the next payday. We’ve managed to really stay on track with this system. The ONLY debits made after bills are paid is for gas.

    Hope that helps, Linz! And when you DO get to the place where you can send a little extra to your cards, start with your smallest one first. Then, once you pay it off, use all the money you were putting towards it and roll it over to the next card…so on and so forth. We’ve massively whiddled our way out of debt on this system :o)

  4. Very interesting post. I think that the two are related in that they both require discipline. I encourage you to track your finances- it really isn’t as time consuming as you think! I loooove pearbudget (pearbudget.com I think). You basically set your budget and then input your expenses on a daily basis (or weekly if you keep receipts, etc). It is really eye opening once you see where all of your money is going. I have read other bloggers talking about mint.com, which automatically tracks your finances for you. I tried it a while back but wasn’t a fan of for two reasons: 1) all of your bank account info was located on one (albeit secure) website! What if a hacker broke in?! 2) It miscategorizes your expenses a lot- for instance, I purchased a newspaper at a gas station and it went into the spreadsheet as a gas purchase.

    Sorry for the novel about tracking finances, haha. Can you tell I’m a fan?! 🙂

    • I checked out that site and it looks very interesting. I had the same insecurities about mint.com so I am glad to see there are other options. I am going to do the 30 day trial and see what happens! Thanks.

  5. Maybe there’s some truth to that. I am kinda neurotic about both my diet and my finances – and not always in a good way. I think the first step to fixing a problem is realizing you have one, so Linzi, the hard part is done! You know what would probably solve all your problems and put you on the path to success? A NEW MAZDA 3!!! 🙂 … if only….

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