TGIF!!! 🙂  – I love friday’s,  don’t you?!

Well I was really excited to start my morning off with something special. I have been waiting for the perfect day to try this out, and when I noticed I was out of spinach (which means no morning smoothie) I opted for the old empty peanut butter jar.

Yup, I’m no longer an Oats in the Jar virgin anymore!


Today’s Breakfast of champions:

Banana Oats in a Peanutbutter jar – oh yeah!

My Oats in a Jar Contained:

  • 1 sliced up banana
  • 1/2 cup cooked oats
  • sprinkling of crushed almonds



In Running News:

So as I mentioned in this post earlier this week, I am training for the Sawtooth Relay Race in June. But to look farther ahead at the bigger picture I am actually training for a half-marathon that I will run in July. 🙂

My goal last night was to make a training schedule that would basically train me for both. I spent several hours looking at Hal Higdon’s half-marathon schedule trying to adapt it into something that would work for my relay and in the long run train me for my very first half marathon.

All you half-marathon veterans – can you PLEASE take a look at my training schedule and give me feed back? I found it extremely hard to fit in everything that is going on in my life and of course I am not willing to give up my kickboxing class. Let me know what you think, all suggestions are welcome as I have never ran a half before and keep in mind I am also training for the Relay.

You can view my google doc HALF MARATHON PLAN HERE.

Manicures make me HAPPY! 🙂

As you can see I decided to give myself a little home manicure last night. Ahh.. the nails are looking so nice these days!

Awhile back I was talking about taking vitamins to help balance my emotions a bit more, and I mentioned I was going to take Evening Primrose Oil.

Well it has been about 5 weeks since I began taking this and what I have noticed is a dramatic increase in my nail growth. My fingernails are growing fast and strong! It’s pretty amazing actually. Over the past few years I noticed that they would break easily and were bendable (not strong at all). In 5 weeks of taking this I have seen a huge difference!

I have also noticed a huge decrease in my emotional outbursts since taking this, a multivitamin, and a B-Vitamin – all while switching to a different kind of birth control. I was on some crazy emotional rollercoaster (I would seriously burst out into tears for no reason) and have been in better spirits in the last month. One of the many things mentioned above, or the whole combo has me raving with joy! 🙂


Weekend shenanigans:

J. Alabama & I are celebrating our 1 year of dating this weekend! 🙂

I have planned some fun things for us in the evening Saturday Night and he is in charge of planning the activities during the day. I will report on monday (our actual anniversary) on the actual happenings. In case he is reading I don’t want to spill the beans!

Have a great weekend everyone! And don’t forget to take a look at my training plan and give me some pointers! Thanks!






10 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. I DO love Fridays! 🙂

    I’m not overly knowlegeable about training schedules as I’m still getting comfortable with them myself, but it looks to me like you’ve got all the necessary components (speed work, cross training, etc.). If your course is going to be hilly you may want to consider throwing some hills into your Monday runs.

    Can I say though, that I am MARJORLY impressed with how many days you have TWO WORKOUTS scheduled?!?! Now that’s dedication!!!

  2. Oh…that breakfast looks delicious! Congrats on your one-year dating anniversary! Whoo Hoo! My hair growing thicker and heavier using the Evening Primrose Oil.

  3. The Great Potato 10K always makes me laugh! 🙂

    I think the only thing I might do is change the date of your 10-miler; you probably want to taper a little bit the week before the half-marathon, you know? Also, don’t be afraid to add in a few more rest days!

    Happy anniversary to you two! Hope you have a LOVEly weekend 🙂

  4. Beautiful nails! How cool that that supplement makes them stronger!

    Happy one-year anniversary!

    I have followed Hal’s plans (or tried to) a few times and I HIGHLY recommend NOT running 3x in a row. Maybe 2x, but not 3. That is what wore me down and gave me a stress fracture (okay, that, + bad shoes, being overweight, and not stretching or cross training!) last summer. Also, why are some of the runs split in the morning and evenings? For convenience? To get ready for the relay? Like Kara said, I think you could taper to 8 or 6 the week before the half (although, hey, I ran 12 miles a week before my first half and did great).

    And, just watch out – when I workout 2x a day I get crazy hungry and OVEREAT. So, I think I am doing good by getting an extra workout in, but I am not.

    Overall, the mileage increase looks good. And I like that you put rest in for your birthday! 🙂 Are Body Pump and Body Combat strength training? Or cross training? You need both.

    And… ugh. This comment seems… of the wrong tone. I just don’t want the same thing to happen to you that happened to me!

  5. TGIF for sure (even tho its already saturday).
    love ur oats and ur nail colour.
    ur training plan looks great. It looks ambitious, but u can do it. and there is nothing wrong with changing things and altering them as the days go by!

    i need more vitamins in my system. i stopped taking them when i started drinking green monsters, but i think i need to get back to them. ur posts always remind me to do things. 🙂 i like it.

    and congrats on ur anniversary! have a blast! 1 year is a big deal! have a great time. 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary!

    I love your nails, I always like nailspolished nails but hardly take the time to do my own.

    I’m no expert on half marathon training as I’m starting my own next week but I’m really impressed with your schedule. For me it would be too much. I will be running 4 times a week from next week on and only add strength training for upper body or legs to it. I might do that after my interval or recovery run or on an extra day.

    But it looks good to me and I look forward to following you at your plan.

  7. I have yet to try oats in a jar. But I have an almost empty jar just waiting to be used! I’m excited.

    I used to take evening primrose oil but stopped for some reason, thanks for reminding me to take it again!

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Are your long runs the ones one Saturday morning? Those seem to jump up quickly in mileage. You might have to adjust that and go with how you feel after your long run. If you’re sore or have tight muscles, upping the mileage the next week might not be wise.

    Otherwise you’ve got a great system going with running, rest, and strength training (must have for distance running).

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