Message in a bottle


This weekend was packed full of activities. To name a few… I participated in a Virtual Race and had a fun anniversary celebration! 🙂 Busy, Busy, Busy!


Virtual Race Recap:

This weekend I participated in Aneta’s first ever Virtual Race. The distance was to be 12.3k or 7.64 miles done however you wanted to do it, and with the option of wearing your pj’s! LOL!

Just to let you know, the shirt I was wearing is typically a shirt I wear to bed, so I counted that as pj’s! 🙂

My Virtual Race experience wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. I wouldn’t say it was it an epic failure either. It was what it was. I completed my race in two parts.

Part 1: Friday April 16th

  • Total Distance: 3 Miles
  • Total Time: Roughly 30 minutes

My friend Amy & I set out to do a great 3 mile loop that we love. We actually held a pretty fast pace (garmina was dead so I can’t be exact) but it felt fast! And there was even a hill involved in this route. We finished and were happy with our run until I realized I had locked my keys in my car. 😦 That was a definite rookie mistake. I had grabbed my apt key instead of my car key earlier in the run. It all worked out in the end.

Part 2: Friday April 17th

  • Total Distance: 3 Miles
  • Mile 1:  9:31
  • Mile 2:  11:07
  • Mile 3: 11:00
  • Total Time: 32:25

A few things I learned on this run… don’t wait until the hottest point in the day to begin your run. Don’t wear shorts that are going to ride up the whole time and cause you to be very irritated and distracted, and remember you need to buy ear phones that will actually stay in your ears while you run.  UGHH! It was one of those days. I busted through the first mile no problem, that was when the trouble began as you can see by my run times.

I was so upset that the my ear buds kept falling out of my ears that I finally pulled them out to realize they broke. I don’t run with an ipod anymore because I lost mine awhile back but boyfriend let me borrow his. That lasted a whole 10 minutes. I began the second mile in silence then randomly burst into tears. I am not sure what was going on but I was not feeling it. I kept trudging along, yanking my shorts down as I realized I was completely not comfortable in my running attire and just tried to finish. At one point I saw scribblings on the sidewalk in chalk.

It read:   “Keep those feet moving”   then another “Your steps make a difference”

That motivated me to keep on going and actually put a smile back on my face. I finished the loop, but in the end I did not finish the final 1:64 miles of the virtual race. But counted the two runs as an accomplishment anyways.


Onto Lovers News…

Today is J. Alabama & I’s One Year of dating anniversary! 🙂

We celebrated on Saturday. First J. Alabama picked me up for a surprise picnic in the park. So sweet!

Our spread included:

Two different sushi rolls & tempura veggies



sugar-free Dove chocolates


It was such a beautiful day, we chillaxed and laid on our blanket just chatting, enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company. It was perfect. Then we parted ways so we could run errands and get ready for dinner later.

Dinner Time:

I picked out a Fondue restaurant called Mona Lisa Fondue . I didn’t tell J.Alabama where were going until we reached our destination. He was surprised and excited because he has never fondue’d before! 🙂

We picked out the “Fondue for Two” option which is a 4 course meal.

Then we each picked out a glass of Pinot Noir to accompany our food.



*My food pictures weren’t so photogenic, so I opted not to share all of them. 😦

Our first course was dinner salad accompanied with a bread basket and a lime cilantro oil dipping sauce.

Our second course was a strong swiss cheese with veggies and bread to dip. YUM!!!

Our third course was a half meat & seafood platter that we got to cook right in front of us and dip into 8 different sauces.

Our fourth and final course (thank goodness) was the dessert platter to be dipped into a dark chocolate, coconut & almond dipping sauce. OMG!


Our waitress realized it was our anniversary and invited us to join in their ‘Message in a bottle tradition’.

She brought an empty wine bottle to our table and two sheets of paper and pens and told us we could write love notes to each other.

Then they store the bottle on their wall until next year on our anniversary (or the next time we come back) they will retrieve our bottle and let us read our love letters to each other. I loved it!

Thank you J. Alabama for one awesome year!

I have truly loved every second of it!


I hope you all had a great weekend too. I start my half-marathon training plan today and can already can check off morning BodyPump from the list. Early morning workouts are going to be key to my training plan. I appreciate all your feedback regarding my plan and will still be tweaking it throughout the week.


Question: Do you fondue? 🙂 Did you like it? 

I absolutely loved it, but it could definitely only be a very once in awhile treat. We ate waaaaaaaay tooo much food! 🙂



12 thoughts on “Message in a bottle

  1. The fact that you kept going on your run in such poor conditions is definitely a success! I hate hate HATE running when it’s super hot out. So, nicely done!

    I love me some fondue. Warm melted cheese and gooey chocolate?! Yes, yes please! I’m glad you guys had a great anniversary. Love the message in a bottle idea, too cute!

  2. What a great weekend! First of all, congrats on compeleting your virtual race despite the universe working against you. Isn’t a great feeling to know you didn’t give up when that’s all you wanted to do? Second: Fondue!!! I’ve never tried it, but I sooo want to – something just always comes up. It looks like you had a lovely dinner and you look beautiful all dolled up (most of our blog pics are of us post-run slick with sweat. lol.)!! Happy anniversary to you both!

  3. Ugh, I hate to run in clothing that is just not working. WTG for sticking it out.

    Haven’t had fondue in years. It was super popular when I was growing up and I’ve always owned a fondue pot. Last time I had it a friend and I tried a cheese fondue and we burned the cheese so badly we ended up throwing out the pot. Gross!

  4. Hey u!
    looks like u had an amazing anniversary! u guys look really cute together! congrats on the one year.
    and its ok that u didnt finish the whole 7.64 miles….u did the majority of the run. that is good enough for me. i am putting ur name into the draw.
    will post the winner by wednesday!
    hope u had a good day!

  5. Hi Linz, Happy Anniversary!! Message in a bottle, how clever. Great job on your run, you kept a positive attitude. Good luck with your training, you will do GREAT!!! (Katie’s Mom, Fit To Wed):)

  6. sorry I’m late to the party … Happy belated Anniversary!!
    Love the idea of the love letter in the bottle, that would be something cute to do even at home.

    Nice Running!

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