3x the Fun!


Yesterday was definitely three times the fun and then some!       

#1 – My morning was started off with my scheduled 6:00 am Body Pump class.      


I was excited to start my morning by pumping iron and was amazed at how much energy I had throughout the day by starting my morning out with this type of work-out. I used to be very nervous about taking this class. As you can tell from the picture above there are lots of barbels & weights and it looks pretty intense.      

What I love about this class is that you can pick how much weight you put on your bar and the instructors are very encouraging. Don’t get me wrong, this class will make you sweat and make your muscles burn, but it’s so worth it!      


#2 – Lunch time rolled around and some of my co-workers and I decided to go on a hike in the foothills. We are very lucky to have a bunch of great walking/running trails about 5 minutes from our work.      



It was already getting pretty hot outside and some of these trails were a bit steep. But we climbed away because it was just too nice to not be enjoying this time outside. We did a four mile loop in total.      

Do you count a hike or a walk as part of your running mileage? Or would you consider these activities a cross training exercise?



#3 – The Will Run For WINE  Beer running group met up last night after work. We had a pretty sweet 3 miler loop that involved a big hill at the end. Gotta save the best for last! 😉       

Jessica, Brooke & Amy

By this point in the day I was running low on energy, but realized that my runs are kind of important at this stage in the game. So we decided to take it easy and ran at a pace that was easy for us to keep good conversation. Amy & I busted out 2 miles before we decided to take a little walk break. Then picked it back up again to tackle the hill and made it about half way.  Our total run time was about 34:00 minutes.     

After all the running group reconvened we decided that a beer was definitely in order. So off to a local dive bar we went!     

  I am huge a fan of Blue Moon Beer because they always serve it with an orange slice. I save it until the end and then devour it! It makes me feel healthier that there is fruit involved! 🙂      

Lovers News:

So as you all know, yesterday was the boyfriend and I’s one year anniversary. He had class until late but decided to stop on by to say hello before rushing back home to work on a paper.      

During our picnic Saturday he gave me a mushy/cute anniversary card and this slip of paper fell out of it.      

I was in utter shock because I have been so saaaaaaaad since I lost my iPod 6 months ago. He knew that it would motivate me while running and didn’t want me to have to wait any longer to run with music. He so rocks! Plus, I really loved his drawing of my iPod! So cute and smiley.      

So when he came over last night he pulled a small box from out of his pocket.      

And handed me my very new and PINK iPod!!!!    

    We may or may not have dubbed ourselves “Team Awesome!” 😉    

The rockin’ part of PINKY my new iPod is that there is video camera capabilities!  Pretty cool. And the games that came with it were fun. I played solitaire for at least an hour last night. 🙂   

Today’s schedule calls for REST. And boy don’t I need it after yesterday’s shenanigans! I will be indulging in the only reality t.v that I watch – Biggest Loser! Happy Tuesday!   


11 thoughts on “3x the Fun!

  1. Hey Linz! How sweet of J. Alabama- I love the engraving! When I hike or walk I note it as cross training, mainly because I want to keep track of how many miles I’ve actually run this year. Enjoy your Tuesday! 🙂

  2. I love the pink Ipod! I count walking as cross training. I am so obsessive when it comes to my running mileage. For me, it’s got to be running or it doesn’t go into my log book! 🙂

  3. love team awesome.
    love pinky.
    love body pump!!!
    great job on the start of ur training!

    and i will post the recipe of tango mango chicken this week.

  4. 6am body pump class! That’s devotion! I bet that felt amazing to get such a great work out in before most people wake up!
    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! The iPod as a gift was so nice, I don’t know what I would do without mine!

  5. Wow! That’s a lot of activity for one day! It sounds like tons of fun. It’s great that there are so many neat trails near your work.

    Yeah for a new iPod! I love the color and the cute note.

  6. What a great and lovely gift of your boyfriend!

    I don’t count walking to my running mileage, to me that’s cheating. I don’t even count the walking before I start running.

    I love bodypump but the classes at my new gym are at times that don’t suit me. I think it is as good as working out for an hour in the gym with the machines.

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