Heel Hang-up


I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of girl who likes do my research before I engage in unknown territory.

So as you all know, a little over a year ago I began running for the first time ever. I knew nothing about buying good shoes, wearing wicking clothing, or even about bodyglide gel.  But decided to buy and read LOTS of books on the subject.

Of course you can’t become a good runner JUST by reading books. You gotta just get out there and do it! But having all the necessary knowledge is going to steer you in the right direction.

Hence why you may see MANY book reviews on this blog in the near future and how my addiction to Runner’s World Magazine started. 🙂

As I perused through the latest edition of Runner’s World Magazine I noticed they were doing a whole section dedicated to shoes.

Okay, not these kind of shoes, but running shoes (obviously!).

But then I noticed a tiny itsy bitsy reader question at the bottom of the page.

Should I avoid wearing high heels while I am marathon training?


Ugh. I didn’t want to read the answer this question. Because this girl has a closet FULL of heels ready to be worn, and I wasn’t ready for a moment of truth. Not just yet.

Now, I don’t wear heals everyday so I felt that maybe this question regarding wearing heels is more focused on those who wear them daily?

But then I got to thinking about my how my foot has changed since I began running a year ago. How it even feels different crammed up in these heels.

My foot has changed in a year. It is growing accustomed to the nice comfort of running shoes, and even dare I say it flats. (My mother would kill me, as being five foot one, we need ALL the help we can get).

But I just wanted to throw the question out to you all. Heels or no heels? That’s the question folks. Let me know your opinion on wearing them during marathon training and if you think it could potentially cause harm.

I’m not saying I would give them up completely either way, heck this post prompted me to step it up a notch and wear heels to work in protest. But the way I really see it, is that my feet are going on a very rough journey the next few months and need to be taken care of. They feel better and perform better when they get to be comfortable. So I may just hang up the heels except for special occasions.

What are your thoughts? Heels or No Heels?



17 thoughts on “Heel Hang-up

  1. Ugh I saw that! I usually wear two inch heels with my suits and I don’t want to stop. I do tend to view heels differently though now that I’m a runner.

    Love your pink black and white polka dot shoes- so cute!

  2. I’m 5’3 and I don’t do heels. I might do a little kitten heel sandal for church on Sunday but other than that…nope! I wear mostly flip flops, Birkenstocks or Chacos in the summer. In the winter I wear Birkenstocks or my old running shoes. If by chance I have to dress up I do have some good shoes (boots in winter that have a slight heel) or dressier flats/sandals (for summer). And I have no issues with my heels other than being in dire need of a long over due pedicure!!! lol

  3. You look fabulous no matter what you wear so if flats are more comfortable and help your running then I say go for flats. Plus I like feeling tall around you =)

  4. as a big fan of high heels, i really dont want to read about this! hhaha. my closet is similar to yours. i used to wear high heels everyday! and i loved it!
    now i wear them just for special occasions. I still love them, but i started wearing flats and like them as well.
    But i know what u mean…being short and coming from a european family, where all the women wear heels, its weird wearing flats! hahhaha

    great post!
    love ur black/white/pink heels!

  5. I love heels but I can’t wear them. They really bother my feet. I have plantar fasciitis in one of my heels so maybe that’s it. I wore some on my wedding day and took them off halfway through. Good thing I brought a back up pair of flats.

    I’m jealous of those of you that can wear them. They are so cute!

  6. Ugh. This is NOT good news. I wear heels 5 days a week. I would gladly wear flats but then all my pants would be too long. Who has the $$ for alterations? Not this girl. 😦

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog. I think it is great that you are also training for a marathon. Best of luck to you. I’m definitely going to follow your training. (And, give up the heels.)

  8. For me, heels are fine in moderation. I wear them maybe one to two days a week. One good thing about wearing heels is that they strengthen your Achilles…I read that on a medical site somewhere online. Anything to justify wearing them every now and then…right? LOL!

  9. I tend to avoid heels, but that’s just because they make my back hurt if I wear them too long… guess I’m more focused on running than fashion. Seriously my wardrobe is kinda sad.

    I do have lots of kitten heels though

  10. I’m not expert, but I have noticed lots of bloggers doing marathon trainng will stop wearing their heals as their mileage increases.

    I have noticed that it’s a lot harder to wear heals since I’ve become a runner. Years ago I ALWAYS wore heals, they were WAY more comfortable than anything flat. Now if I do wear a heal it is almost always an open toe shoe. Somehow I find that more comfortable as my toes don’t get squished in.

    You have cute shoes!

  11. OK – my “medical professional” advice would be that heels are okay so long as it A. isn’t every day; B. you are usually wearing them under a 3.5″ heigh; C. it’s a “thick” or “chunky” heel; and D. you’re stretching regularly.

    The biggest hazard would be if you’re wearing stilettos on a daily basis for 8-10+ hours a day. That definitely shortens the tendon and can have some bad consequences on the musculature around the foot and ankle.

    if you can alternate heels and flats, then I think you’re doing just fine. 🙂 That’s what I usually recommend to my patients, anyway!

  12. The 2 weeks before my marathon…I avoided my heels.
    I think it is like anything..all in moderation and listen to your body.
    Those heels are awesome!!

  13. Heels make my feet hurt unless they are the clunky chunky variety. I usually avoid them if I can but that’s just personal preference! I definitely think that during training maybe keep them to a minimum. That might sound silly but for your first marathon that you’re also traveling for, I say better safe than sorry!

  14. I LOVE those heels. At my job I have to wear heels every day so it’s not possible to not wear them. I always notice how different it feels running after spending a long day in heels. I think that you should just stick to tennys and flats unless it’s a special occasion. Just so you don’t do anything wrong to prevent you from kicking butt in this marathon!

  15. I love high heels and used to wear them everyday but I’ve noticed that when I had a run planned after work my legs felt tired due to the heels so I started wearing less higher heels on running days and still do. I don’t wear flat shoes except on the weekend because walking on flats too much gives me pain in the back.

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