Three Things Thursday & then some…



1. You may have come over here from Aneta’s blog to check out my take on the Guava fruit.


Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I could not find a guava fruit to save my life. I have been looking around for a few weeks and am sad to say that I have not seen this exotic fruit in the land of potatoes (Boise, Idaho).

I know, I know, maybe I should have just reviewed a potato instead. Ha! I know you all think us Idahoans just eat potatoes all the time anyways!

But don’t worry the real Fruity Friday will be back next friday with an awesome review of another fun fruit.


2.  Wine glasses do not make good to-go cups. I REPEAT, WINE GLASSES DO NOT MAKE GOOD TO-GO CUPS!

You can only imagine where this one is going.  I was running out the door, noticed all my smoothie glasses were in the dishwasher, grabbed a wine glass thinking I would look classy driving down the street with my awesome breakfast smoothie. Take a quick right turn and BAM, there she goes all over the inside of my car. So sad when there is a smoothie tragedy. 😦


3.  Baby Linzi photos tell a crazy truth:

Sometimes you just feel like this.

Who knew my love for wine started at such an early age. Ahh… it makes so much sense now!

Seriously, I think I felt like this last night after eating tons of homemade guacamole and tacos. Full but happy. I promise though, I have learned not to smoosh food ALL over my face since then.

I am working on how I feel about my relationship with food and drink. It’s been a daily struggle, but I see how I have improved over the last year. And am going to try to focus on the improvements not the failures. 


And then some…

Tonight’s workout takes me back to my happy place… cardio kickboxing. I had to miss it last week due to a work meeting. But you can bet that I am more than ready to kick the heck out of the air tonight. Woooo hoo!


6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday & then some…

  1. So sorry to hear about the smoothie crash! Was wondering what would happen if you got stopped by the police drinking out of a wine glass. Would they suspect you of being drunk? Thanks for the great laugh at your fridge photo…omg…that one is so funny…even more funny now as opposed to 26 years ago!

  2. Woohoo for cardio kick!

    Wow, great pics … habits start young. lol

    BUMMER on the smoothie disaster! I don’t knwo what’s worse… losing the smoothie or the MESS!

  3. oh my goodness those photos are too cute! I have one of me at age one trying to drink from an empty beer bottle. I didn’t evolve to wine until college 😉

  4. Oh no!!!! One one level I’m probably not supposed to laugh at your wine glass episode, but it’s too funny. Gotta be careful with that one. Someone might see it and think you’re actually drinking an alcoholic beverage. Then you’d be dealing with police, and breathalizers – all over a lack of dishes. HAHAHAA

    Guava … ick! But I know you are trying new things. Hope you can find some soon. It’s not super common here but you can usually find it somewhere if you really want it.

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