Working out with the boyz!


Happy Tuesday everyone!    

I must admit that I am in WAY better spirits today than yesterday. I swear I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something, because it wasn’t until about 9pm last night that Linzi got her groove back.    

Anyways, I have to give credit to none other than J. Alabama for inviting me to join him in an intense manly workout. I say manly because he pushes me harder than I would myself. (And he doesn’t let me do girly push-ups – oh no).    

Post workout pic


Oh, and he makes me work out in the “man” area of the gym.    

You know what I am referring to… The area where all those pumped up men are groaning, sweating, staring at their HUGE muscles in admiration.    

Yeah, I steer clear of that area like it’s the plague. No, seriously I do.    

It wasn’t until last night that I sort-of faced my fears.    

Well I had no choice, J. Alabama was not going to join me in the “Girl’s Only” area (the only area of the gym I workout – it’s equipped with a few shredmills, a few ellipticals, bikes, machines and hand weights – pretty minimal but gets the job done).    

I guess I realized that I am scared of the rest of the gym. I am not sure if it’s the groaning sweaty men or the crazy amounts of workout equipment that I don’t know how to use. I really don’t know.    

But I was glad to get my manly workout with my man.    

We did squat exercises and these crazy tripod push-ups with 7.5 pound weights in each hand and lots and lots of sit-ups.    

It turned into quite the sweat session and I got a real good all over body workout.     

I love when the boyfriend is enthusiastic about his workouts and can share that with me.    

I am also glad I stopped being grumpy and went along with it. I really gained so much out of this experience.   

Tips on working out with the “boys” 


  1. No worries – they aren’t worried about what you are doing, whether you are doing it right or wrong, trust me, they are more into themselves and their own workout, and you should be too.
  2. Be confident – I call it the “manly” area of the gym, but it’s really there for everyone, walk up to the weights and machines with confidence, no one will know if you are new to a machine
  3. Be courteous – If you use handweights put them back in the right spot – I have only encountered the awkward moments when I have forgotten to put my weights back or put them in the wrong spot
  4. Bring a friend – In my case I brought the bf so he could show me some exercises and workout with me. This helped a lot to make me feel comfortable working out on my own in this area of the gym
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice – I get lots of anxiety thinking about working out on that side of the gym, but I know I just need to go over there and do my thing. The more I do it, the more comfortable I will feel.


What are your tips for working out with boyz? Or do you steer clear of that area?

I am making a promise to myself – the next time I workout at the gym I am going to make myself do some exercises in the that area. I am not going to let a fear of the unknown, a fear of groaning, stinky, sweaty guys, or a lack of confidence keep me from getting the best workout I can get.    


11 thoughts on “Working out with the boyz!

  1. hey! great post!!!
    i am also kinda scared of that area. i should visit it one of these days. its really good for me, because i have the option going to a women’s only gym, and im NOT afraid to go to that area. but i still see lots of women who are timid to go there, even if its just women.

  2. I remember the first time my boyfriend (now husband) asked me to spot him over in the “guy section” of the gym.
    I looked at him like “oh, no. If I go over there, the invisible fence will zap me. It will KNOW I don’t belong there!”
    Way to go breaking the gender barrier! Great post :).

  3. I used to hate going into the guy area. That is, until I started working out with Bri! I got over it really quickly once I realized that everyone is usually too focused on their own workout to care about what you are doing. Great tips- I think the most important one is confidence! Own it 😀

  4. I always workout on the boys side. I use to be into lifting heavy weights, so I never felt intimidated. I am very (or was) strong and loveee lifting weights and the machines. Weight training is a really good workout. Like you said be “confident”. Have a great evening.

  5. It’s funny how so many women are intimidated to use the “boys” section, yet most of them couldn’t give two hoots. Good for you! So nice that you and your guy work out together like that. My husband runs with me, but he doesn’t lift weights anymore because his job is extremely physical and he’s also always sitting on the edge of an injury that he won’t allow to heal.

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