A fruitful lesson


You all know by now that I am smoothie freak and can’t bear to start my day without one.

Well I have been stocking up on bananas every time I go to the store, because we all know the banana is the secret ingredient for the spinach smoothies. At least that is what I tell myself when I am drinking my delicious spinach smoothie that has no aftertaste of spinach.

So over two weeks ago, APRIL 26th to be exact I bought this bundle of nanners.

Yep, this exact bundle of bananas has been sitting on my counter waiting to be consumed.

I stare at them every morning hoping to see the bold yellow color on their skin that tells me they are ready for me to eat them.

I stare at them longing for the moment I can put them into my morning smoothie.

I get angrier and angrier as more than 2 weeks have gone by and I have made at least 2 separate trips to the store to buy bananas for my morning smoothies.

I have to buy back-up bananas for my bananas. Because who knows when these babies are going ripen.

It could be today (sadly no), it could be tomorrow (who knows).

But seriously, when is enough enough?

How stinking long should I wait for these to ripen?

I know you are probably looking at these pictures and thinking to yourself these bananas don’t look that green. But rest assured, they surely are!

My camera made them look “riper” than they really are.

The moral of my story is, it doesn’t do a whole lot of good to buy green bananas in efforts to save a trip to the market.

Like I mentioned, I have actually had to go to the store twice as many times for bananas because I kept banking on these ones to miraculously turn yellow.

Oh wait, that is what they are supposed to do. All on their own.

Ughh… So I am at peace with these green bananas. I am letting them ripen in their own space and in their own time. No more judging here.

Obviously they are just not ready to make their mark on the world.

Of course I am going to take my banana story and turn it into a metaphor for my life. You knew I was going there. And I went.

Such as these green bananas, I don’t feel I have really made my mark on the world yet either. I have not let my outside shine as bright as it could. I have not yet fulfilled my purpose.

What’s the rush anyways? After reading Kara’s post today I was reminded that the journey is the part we should be worrying about, not the destination.

That is exactly what Destination 26.2 is – a journey of a newby runner finding a place among the marathoners.

A journey of girl who is breaking the mold of her so-called life and giving it more meaning, more purpose.

Running my marathon has become way bigger than just Linzi running 26.2 miles.  Yeah, it’s become a place where I get to raise $$$ for people who truly need it. A place where I can selflessly give back. I am raising money for people I don’t even know. And I am running for a cause that has never even plagued my life or anyone that I know.

It’s kind of crazy to think I am no longer running for me, but I am doing it for cancer research. Pretty darn awesome!

Anyway,  enjoy everyday you get. Stop wishing for something to happen, and ignore the present. Be grateful and happy for the journey of your life, because you only get one.

Whether or not those darn green bananas ever get to become a part of my morning smoothie, they have given me the reminder that I am still on my journey to shine.


9 thoughts on “A fruitful lesson

  1. Holy cow! How green were those bananas when you bought them? I cannot buy bananas too many at a time because they get too ripe before I can eat them all. Bugs me. But I am glad (sorta) in a way that I am not the only person out there that struggles with banana ripening. Lol

    This was a great post. Good luck with your journey and the fund raising efforts. You are supporting a fantastic cause!

  2. We cant KEEP bananas in our house 🙂 My son (mind you he is only 2) has FOUR banans back to back as a snack when we got back from our run last night. crazy kid

  3. When that happens to us, we normally have to throw them out. Sometimes they just don’t ripen and taste gross.

    Loved the metaphor 😉

  4. wow those bananas really do not want to be eaten! hahhah. i didnt know it takes that long. thats crazy.

    i like how u turned that story into a metaphor. it is so true. running a marathon, or any of these races helps someone. they are all for a charity or for a hospital or somewhere. every race we do saves a life!

  5. Great post. So true!

    I have heard that you can help ripen bananas by placing them in a paper bag with an unpeeled apple. Put them all in together and leave in a warm place overnight. The gases the apple releases help to ripen them. If you don’t have an apple, try putting them in a bag anyway. I find when I have a banana in my lunch bag it gets super brown by the end of the day. Worth a try….

  6. Great post, Linzi! I love that you can create a metaphor from almost anything and turn it into something related to the “26.2 journey.” It’s so true!

    I just made a donation – good luck in your fundraising!

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