Bestie Night


Last night I met up with my bestie and marathon training pal Maria and went on a nice run.

The weather last night was amazing so we took full advantage. I was a little nervous about this run because I hadn’t laced up the sneaks in almost 5 days. EEEK! I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

But with the Great Potato 10k race this saturday,  I knew I needed to get in at least one run this week to loosen up the old muscles.

So we decided to do a nice 3.5 mile run.

Maria trained on her last marathon using the galloway method. She runs for 6 minutes and then walks for 1 minute. I have only ever done this method when running with her, so it’s still new to me. Since we are running this marathon together I knew that I needed to start training this way so we can finish together.

Have you trained using the Galloway method? Do you use it in longer distance races such as half marathons or marathons as opposed to a 5k 0r 10K?

I have been running for over a year now, and typically just run until I am tired then walk for a minute then run again. I am still trying to gage how it feels to run using the galloway method. What I noticed in our run last night was that I had a lot of energy- I didn’t feel exhausted by the end of the run. The walking breaks were nice and I enjoyed the rest. It was a little bit harder each time we started back up again though to keep the momentum.


 We finished our 3.5 mile run in about 40 minutes.

Then we practiced our SUPER STAR victory stance for when finish our marathon. Honestly there will be shouting, jumping and skipping with joy as well the super star pose when we finish our marathon.

 This is why Maria is my best friend, she does crazy photo shoots with me in the middle of the green belt and doesn’t worry about us looking silly. To think of all the shananigans we have been through in the last 11 years.

Yep, funny story but we met our sophomore year in highschool in orchestra. LOL! We both were pretty horrible at the violin (me more than her) and respectivly sat last and second to last chair in the 2nd violin section. If you don’t know much about orchestra the 2nd violin section is similar to the second string of a sports team or even sitting the bench. We got to play our instruments, they just gave us really easy parts in hopes we didn’t play too loud or mess anything up and shoved us in the farthest back part of the room.

No worries though, I think that is why we are best friends today. We had lots of time to chat when we were supposed to be “practicing” and shared a common bond of not loving the violin. We just wanted to go on the school dorkestra (we named orchestra dorkestra) trips. Helllo Banff Canada!! 🙂

Anyways, since our times through highschool this marathon is by far the biggest and coolest thing we will have done together. SO excited!

After our run Maria invited me over for some grub. I couldn’t resist a home cooked meal after a nice run.

Check out this beast of a baked potato! HOLY YUM!

It was topped with chicken, black beans, cheese, TONS of veggies and cottage cheese. It was the perfect filling meal.

Ahh… A fun night with my bestie! Yay, and to think we will have many many more months of this.

Happy Thursday everyone -and don’t forget Aneta and I will be back tomorrow to do another fun and fruity friday report. You won’t want to miss it. So don’t. Be here tomorrow or be sad that you missed out on our awesome fruit-astic friday!!! Yeah!


14 thoughts on “Bestie Night

  1. I guess I tend to use the Galloway method without really knowing that’s what I do.. What I am saying is I tend to run for several minutes.. I try to shoot for 10 actually..before taking a walk break of 1 minute. I think that method sounds great for marathon training and since my goal is a half marathon by Feb 2011, I am going to put it to practice more. 🙂 Great post! That potato looks awesome (minus the curdles on top..haha)!

  2. LOL – we called it dorkestra too!! I was a choir nerd though; I played trumpet for 3 years, then gave it up because I was TERRIBLE! 🙂

    I’ve tried the Galloway method a few times (9 minutes run, 1 walk) on the treadmill, and I really like it! I hate stopping in the beginning because I feel good and want to keep running, but I am very thankful for that extra energy by the end of the run!! Also, I find I’m much faster when I use the Galloway method, even with the walk breaks factored in.

  3. You guys are too cute! I’ve never trained with the Galloway method and I’m hesitant to. I’m afraid I won’t want to stop walking, haha. I’ll see how my 15k goes in July and plan my half based on that.

  4. That is one yummy looking potato!!!

    A few people in my training group do the Galloway method. They calculated the run:walk ratio of 4mins:35secs based on a 4-hour marathon goal. I’ve done it with them on a few long runs and I did find that I had more energy at the end of the run. However, I found it very difficult to get into a rhythm so I know it’s not for me.

  5. Lifetime friends are the best! My girl Kelly moved out here from California with me – we’ve known each other since freshman year of hs too. We had a falling out once. It lasted two years and was the saddest time of my life. Now we work for the same company and even have offices right next to one another! Love her!

  6. So cool that you & your friend are doing this together. Lots of fun!

    I’m not a personal fan of the Galloway method. Well … I think it’s a good way to start off learning to run and when starting to run longer distances, but I think it can be taken too far. I see people still using it after years of running and they just don’t progress. They literally can NOT run longer than 10 minutes at a time. They don’t train to break through those barriers.

    When I started running I used that method, because frankly I could not run very far and NEEDED to walk. But as I progressed, I would extend that first interval a little more each time. 15 and 1, then maybe 5 and 1s until I was done. Then 20 and 1, followed by 5 and 1. Then 20 and 1, followed by 10 and 1s. I did that until I could run an hour straight. When I moved up to half marathon training, I just extended my straight running distance a little more each week until I could run the full distance.

    I actually don’t like stopping to walk, especially if I feel good and want to keep going. I find it harder to get going again. Two of my running friends also find they cramp up when they stop and then restart.

    Lots of people use it and like it though. Very personal. It’s just not for me for the long run.

  7. i kinda tried the galloway method….but more like u. i would run until i got tired, then walk, and then start back up again.
    i might incorporate more walking breaks as i am training for the BIG race. lol

    that baked potato looks amazing!!! soooo friggin good!!!!

    and yay, im excited for our fruit tomoro! have a good evening!

  8. I think 2nd violin is less melody and more back-up. So it doesn’t necessarily mean you are bad, just support!

    Love that you have a friend like this to run with! I normally only walk when I am tired too 🙂

  9. Most of my group are 10:1’s on our long runs. We do tempo run one night and then speed work another when we aren’t doing hills/stairs etc. I like the 10:1’s – my cue to drink/eat when I need to.

  10. How cute are you two!!! You look like you were having lots of fun. That’s the way exercising should be, lol. Great job girls. 🙂

  11. love you girls!!! I’ve used just about every method in my training and they all work… what ever gets you through it. Yes I didn’t run/walk for my pr but when just having fun,wanting to feel good and get er done, the run/walk works every time. Yes it is hard to walk when people are running by you but you will see them again… when you pass them at mile 22! Stopping before you are tired is the key so even though it is hard go for shorter runs… it does pay off later. Then after the half way point if you still feel great, go for it!

  12. That Potato looks insane!! YUM

    I always have a hard time finding my pace after walking, so I find it easier to run the whole thing. BUT then again my longest run has only been 10k.
    I can see how it would work for a 1/2 Marathon or Marathon.

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