Fruity Friday – Mango squared


TGIFruity Friday!  

I know, you have been patiently awaiting another day in which Aneta & I would embark on yet another fruity yet fantastic adventure. Lucky you, today is the day!

Today’s desired fruit is none other than the Mango! But I couldn’t just stop at one mango, oh no, I found TWO that needed some fruity friday love.

The Mango & The Champagne Mango (sounds fancy I know!)


Originally when I found the Champagne Mango I was squealing with excitement because it was fruit I had never seen before. Then upon closer inspection I noticed it was a mango. At that point I was really confused because I always thought mangos looked like the reddish one above.

Apparently in doing my mango research I found that there are several varieties of mangos – more than just these two.

According to this website, the mango has been known as the the King of Fruits and has been an important part of Indian life. 

Mangos have historically been revered as symbols of life and happiness.  It is said that Buddha himself rested and meditated with his fellow monks in the peaceful tranquility of lush mango groves in places such as Amrapali and Mahachunda.

Aww.. that sounds peaceful.  

Now how  do you eat this magical luscious fruit?

There is a huge pit in the middle, so you must cut around it by slicing down one side.

The peel is not to be eaten (learned this one the hard way- trust me!)

You make little cubed slices into the mango as so, and then the squares almost effortlessly fall out when pressure is applied to the peel.

Though the two Mangos look very different on the outside, they are built similarly on the inside. The same cutting procedure works wonders for both!

Now that you have successfully cut your mango(s) it’s time for the taste test. Which one (if either) will win my heart?

In the left ring we have Mango in the right ring we have the champagne mango….

Who’s gonna win this challenge of the mangos?

Spooning mangos make me smile 🙂

The Mango:

This fruit is lighter yellow in color, it’s slimy and squishy texture are interesting. It has a pretty mellow taste and I think I would say, it doesn’t neccesarily WOW me.


The Champagne Mango:

Goldish in color, it’s slimy and squishy texture are similar to that of the regular mango, but a bit thicker. The flavor blasts a more strong flavor. It actually tastes more like I thought the regular mango would taste like.

Drum roll please……….

And the winner of the Mango vs Champagne Mango is none other than the CHAMP! Oh yeah!!

But to be fair I give both fruits 2 thumbs up! 🙂

What to with a bunch of leftover mango madness?

  • Throw a cup of mixed mango into the blender
  • Add 3/4 cup of almond milk
  • 1/4 cup of orange juice
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • freshly grated ginger (about a 1/4 inch)
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1/2 scoop of protein powder
  • lots and lots of spinach.

It’s a lovely mango squared smoothie!!

Hope your TGIFruity Friday is as awesome as mine. Wish me luck tomorrow on running The Great Potato 10K! You know I will be back on monday with a full report.

Can I beat my previous PR of 61:32 minutes? I hope hope hope!! My goal is to finish under 60 minutes. Cross our fingers and our toes folks – this will be an adventure!

And don’t forget to check in with Aneta to hear about her fruitful mango experience!


15 thoughts on “Fruity Friday – Mango squared

  1. I should have known I was going to end up in a smoothie! LOL. Looks delicious!

    PS: Good Luck tomorrow on your run!!

  2. GOOD LUCK this weekend! You will be awesome. Thanks for the mango review- especially the cutting tutorial! Knives and I do not get along. Love the spooning mangoes, lol

  3. Good Luck on your race tomorrow and you WILL beat your time!! You go girl, be strong and stay confident!! You can DO IT. 🙂 Thanks for the mango review. Love the way you cut the mango into tiny squares. Great idea.

  4. Mangoes are my personal fav in the fruit family. They make anything better. They’re even good added to a salad with avocado, chicken and reduced-fat bleu cheese. Drizzle some balsamic or a citrus vinegar and yum yum yum!

  5. I love mangos! I had the best drink last night called mangolicious and it had mango vodka and a bunch of other random stuff in it. SO good 🙂 Probably not as healthy as the fruit though haha

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