The Great Potato


Great Potato 10k………….Check!

I ran in the race on saturday but I didn’t do it for the potato.       

Honestly, when my alarm started blaring early on saturday morning I knew right then that all Personal Records were out the window and if I completed this race at I would be amazed.      

Let’s just put it this way- either the one gin and tonic I drank the night before (rest assured I indulged like a million glasses of water with it) or the steak sandwich and greasy sweet potato fries I ate did not sit well in my tummy. TMI – but I was having lots of tummy issues pre-race and was really nervous how I would feel with that all jostling around as ran.      

But being the trooper that I am, combined with the fact that I had already paid $35.00 for this race I figured I would at least give it a good try.      


This is my pre-race photo. If you look closely I am not a happy panda. I was not very excited at this point. I just kept thinking well I have my cell phone with me incase I need boyfriend to pick me up along the race route.      

Then it was 8:30 a.m and they were calling all the racers to line up. I took my place a  couple rows behind the start line, got garmina all set to go and for the first time since I received her, turned Pinky on for inspiration.      

Then we were off.      


The starting gun went off, and it was like slow motion. Everyone leisurly ran through the start gates. I was surprised by the lack of pushing, shoving and trampling at the gun start as I had got nearly mowed over in the Beat Coach Pete Race.      

I started running, not sure if the knot in my stomach was going to bother me, or if I was going to have to walk it off. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel too bad once my feet started going.      

I looked down at garmina and I was holding a 9:45 pace. I was pleasantly surprised at my speed, but just let my feet trod to the music.      

I finished the first 3 miles in 30 minutes without even one walking break.      

Then it got rough. I remember almost hitting mile four and feeling a bit woosie. I slowed down and started adding in more walking breaks. I knew I was over half way and I just needed to finish.      

I trudged along and found some blue Gatorade at mile 5 and chugged some of that. Then just kept running mixed with walking for the last mile.      

I was never more excited to see that finish line.      



And was super excited when I saw J. Alabama,  mom dad and friends Nicole & Amy in the crowds cheering me on as I sped to the finish.      


I couldn’t believe I finished and without any major problems.      

And I finished in 105:13 – so 1 hour and five minutes! That’s only about 4 minutes more than my first 10k.      


You may recognize Nicole on my left, she has been my race buddy for the last few races, though she decided to play cheerleader this time. On my right is my friend Amy who has been a loyal member of the Will Run for Wine group. I was so excited that they came down to cheer me on. It meant a lot to me!      


 It was also extra special to have my parents there rooting me on. This was their first time watching me run in a race and I think they were pretty excited about how crazy it gets around the finish line. Thanks Mom & Dad – your support means so much to me!        

 Then we went to find some chocolate milk (my favorite post race indulgence) . And lookie what I spotted…..        

 They really were giving out potatoes! (Kara – I cracked up and thought of you)      


As much as I wanted to eat one of those potatoes, we opted for a real breakfast instead.       

It has actually become post-race tradition for J. Alabama and I to hit up a certain breakfast joint. So we invited my parents to join in the fun.      

Funny enough I ended up ordering this for breakfast :  

Bacon & Tillamook Potato Cakes & Eggs-

Griddle browned potato pancakes filled with bacon and cheddar cheese and green onions. Topped with a dallop of sour cream and applesauce. And a side of grapes.


(I was so exhausted and sore by the end of the race I forgot to take any pictures of my awesome breakfast or even of J. Alabama!)  😦     


But regardless, I got my well deserved potato for the day and I was happy.        

I ended up switching into my Great Potato wicking shirt during breakfast because my other shirt was drenched!      


Thank you for all your well wishes! I have to admit that I was feeling better by the end of the day and am super glad I went out there and ran even though I wasn’t feeling 100%.      

Hope you all had a great weekend!      


17 thoughts on “The Great Potato

  1. What a rough start to the day! I’m so sorry that you had to go into the race feeling that way. You really pushed through it, though, and ran an awesome race. Congratulations! I love all of the pictures from the race. You had an amazing cheering section.

  2. awww thats too bad that you were feeling a bit sick! no good!
    but hey, u ran the race and finished! thats awesome! congrats!!!
    who cares about time when you have the support of family, friends and blog friends! yay!

  3. Good for you! I’ve had race days when I haven’t felt the best. I always tell myself that I will run the first 3-4 miles and then give myself permission to bow out if I don’t think I’ll make it. I haven’t had to DNF yet!

  4. Yay you!!! I think we all have races where we feel less than stellar, but finishing is the best!!! We also have a post race tradition of hitting up a great joint for yummy breakfast! Fun fun!

  5. Very well done! Even though you didn’t feel good, you did it anyway. How fun that so many friends and your parents came to cheer you on, I like it too when I have supporters along the line.

  6. I think you did Amazing even with Tummy troubles.
    Good for you!
    and got to love the potato at the end, LOL.
    You should be happy and very proud of yourself.

  7. Way to go getting out there and doing the race. Tummy troubles are my biggest fear (like lose sleep over fear). Good that you went out and did the race anyway. May as well since it was all paid for and everything. Too funny that they actually gave away potatoes. HAHAHA. You’ll make your PR soon. Keep up the good work!

  8. I think you did a great run even with your stomach issues. Even with your tummy hurting you still did it. Congratulations Linzi. You have a great cheering section. You should be very happy with yourself. Trust me, I would have went back to bed, lol:)

  9. Congrats on pushing through when you were feeling so off. Love that they were handing out potatoes, but your breakfast definitely sounds better. 😉

  10. Wow! You did really well for feeling so blah! Good for you 🙂

    Love the shirt they gave you. And the fact that they gave you potatoes! Ha ha!

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