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May is National Bike Month and this week is actually BIKE WEEK- which made me feel a little guilty that ‘Sea Breeze’ has been cooped up inside my tiny apartment all year month.   

So when I arrived home on my lunch break yesterday and inspected the more than PERFECT weather I realized that Sea Breeze and I would have our first official ride of the season to celebrate bike month/week.   


Now, this is the first time I have introduced Sea Breeze on the blogo. I don’t consider myself a cyclist, more like a Cruiser. Yes, like my Cruiser bike I too am a cruiser by nature.   

I am skiiiird to ride on the roads and don’t like to go fast. (Lucky there is the lovely green belt path for most of my commute). I just jump on the bike and go for a leisurely ride.    


Well yesterday, I decided to turn on garmina and actually track how long it would take me to ride back to work. Why drive when I can cruise?    

The timer was a ticking and I clocked in at 18:05 and 2.21 miles.    


I realized that I am making this trip at least 2 times a day (I usually go home for lunch). That is bad for the earth &  bad for my wallet. Yeah 8 miles is 8 miles – but seriously, think of the positive impact that could be made just by cutting out a few trips in the car.    


Paige over at STP Experiment brought attention to this website. It helps you calculate how much money you could save by swapping a few drives for rides.    

I calculated if I rode my bike to work 7 times a week (so including some rides back and forth to the house for lunch and counting each ride to work as a trip) and cruisin’ instead of driving to the gym I could save up to $40.00 per month on gas. WHAT???  Right now I only spend roughly $60.00/month in gas. That is like cutting my gas bill more than half.    

Duh! Why am not riding my bike everyday?    

Well I am going to challenge myself to ride my bike to and from work at least 3 times a week for the rest of the month.    

Sea Breeze and I in my office

I would also like to challenge each and every one of you to try a new mode of transportation this week.    

There are so many ways to live greener. Try walking, taking the bus, biking, or even carpooling to work.   

Let me know if you are able to change your commute some how this week. And definitely check out that website and see how much $$$$ you can save by biking. Bike month is only half over, you still have time to join in the fun and bike it up!   

After work I biked on over to meet up with the lovely ladies of the Will Run For Wine running group.  


Once I began running with the ladies I realized I was doing my first ever  BRICK workout.  

And boy did I feel it, my legs were like bricks as we trodded along for 3.5 miles. Not to mention the heat was beating down on us. It was a tough run.  

But afterwards I was glad I did it and joyfully jumped back on Sea Breeze for a lovely ride home.  

Check back here tomorrow where I will have some awesome tips on how to commute successfully to work – cruiser style!   



12 thoughts on “Bike Run Bike

  1. I love this goal! My husband and I already decided that the first purchase we’re making when we live on base is a big bike for me to take around to the gym/work/grocery since it’s a) all so close, b) good exercise, and c) affordable!

  2. u look so cute on your bike! congrats! thats awesome!

    i rode my bike to work once….it took 2 hours hahhahaha.
    i am also gonna run over to work on friday. will get my mother to drop my off half way, when she is going to run errands and run the rest of the way. the bf will later come pick me up on our way to niagara falls! yay!!!

    good job on the ride. u will become a cyclist verrrrryyyyy soon! hehe. and look at all the money u will be saving!

  3. Sea Breeze is a beaut! My communte is 55 minutes by car so I can’t imagine what it would be by bike, but I commend your efforts. I did ask my mom if I could babysit her bike for a while though – it’s been gathing dust in her garage for at least a year. She obliged so I’m excited to do some cruisin’ of my own!

  4. Your bike is adorable! I love the color 🙂 Congrats on the 10k btw! I think biking to work is a great idea. Unfortunately I commute 80 miles a day on highways so it isn’t really feasible for me, ahah.

  5. I don’t have the option of riding my bike to work – it is about 15 miles but the biggest issue is there is nowhere safe for me to ride – I have to drive on the tollway to get to work.

    I hope your new commuting method works out for you!

  6. That’s awesome that you can ride on a green belt all the way to work.

    I do ride a fair bit, but unfortunately it’s on a pretty major road and it’s pretty common to get cut off by drivers (that sucks).

    However, I don’t end up saving a whole bunch of gas money because I still have to drive my kids to school in the morning, then come back and get my bike. They have ridden to school, but their bikes have been damaged too many times by other kids so it’s not worth it.

    I’m not taking up your challenge this week because it just started raining a ton and the risk is too high out there with those drivers. But I do plan to bike as much as I can until the fall.

  7. I think it is so great that you can ride your bike to work! I live 50 miles from my office so I take the train. Not sure if there is any other way to get to work 😉 (besides driving!)

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