My Commute Loot


Happy Hump Day!

I’m pretty sure the excitement of bike week/month got to me because after work last night I hit up the gym for a quickie workout before The Biggest Loser and instead of jumping on the elliptical as planned I went straight for the bike.

I pretended I was in spinning class, zoned out to my tunes and busted out 5.50 miles at a level eight in 20 minutes.

From the comments I received from my last post, many of you have quite the commute to work and do not have the option to ride a bike to work. And that is understandable.

My challenge was for you try a new mode of transportation at least once this week – whether that be to walk to the store, bike to the gym, etc… This does not have to pertain solely to your commute to work.

See if you can’t find a new way to get around and if you can include your bike you get bonus points! I realize that I am pretty lucky to live only a few miles from my work and I should be taking FULL advantage of it whenever possible.

Speaking of my bike commute, I thought I would share a few tips that helped make my bike to work experiment more succesful


Plan ahead:

  • Waking up earlier and leaving for work earlier if your bike commute takes longer than your drive
  • Test out your bike route on the weekend so you know exactly how long it takes and which way to go
  • Pack your work clothes the night before

 I suggest laying it all out to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  • Body Spray
  • Work Shoes
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • bra/underwear
  • make-up
  • brush

Having a backpack helps with the transportation process, I currently only use my HUGE basket. But when I start bringing my lunch I will definitely need a backpack to carry all my stuff.

I usually workout after work, so wearing my gym clothes as I ride to work is killing two birds – I don’t have to pack extra extra gym clothes and if I get sweaty on the ride to work I have fresh work clothes to change into

Another tip is to leave some stuff at work at the night before. So if you know that tomorrow you are going to ride to work, bring extra snacks, extra change of clothes in your car today and leave them for the next day.  (It will be less that you have to struggle with on a bike).

Also – do not forget your car keys, wallet and cellphone (but ditch the purse itself it takes up too much room). I almost locked myself out of my apartment on monday because I knew I wasn’t driving so why do I need my keys. DON’T FORGET YOUR KEYS!! 🙂

Clean-up Tip:

I do not have a locker room or shower at my work …..

  • Wait until you get to work to apply your make-up to avoid streaks or sweat messing it up
  • Bring baby wipes and/or a small gym towel
  • Body spray & deodorant are lovely even after a short ride

Also, I tried to wear my hair in a messy bun, so it was out of my face while I rode, but still looked presentable when I got to work.

Weather Check:

Always check the weather the night before – for someone like me who does not have fenders on their bike a ride in the rain would be miserable. But if you are super hardcore, then you would just need to prep some waterproof riding clothes the night before.

I found that my ride to work on monday was not a hassle at all. It took a little extra time to switch outfits and freshen up, but it was exhilarating to have gotten in that extra little work out.

I hope those tips were helpful – let me know if I missed any that you can think of.

P.S – Biggest Loser Marathon anyone?

I always get so confused when they challenge them to run a marathon when you never really see them running on the show. I know they can’t show all their workouts on the show, but still. I do have to say though, that all the contestants did a great job. And I may or may not have cried a little. The marathon show always gets me. It just instills in me that if these people can become athletes in 5 months and complete a marathon, my year of running and summer of training will get me through too.

Did I mention that I officially start marathon training in less than 4 days? 🙂 YIPPPPEEEEE!

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17 thoughts on “My Commute Loot

  1. I too was a little ticked off last year when the biggest loser contestants ran a full marathon. I was like “seriously”…and was a little bit frustrated with the fact that they didn’t train and it seemed like “no big deal”. I think it’s just the way that it came across to me.

    However rethinking it these people workout all day every day, and training is so much more than just running. This year the perspective on last nights show was a little different for me… and I too may or may not have cried :-).

    So exciting that your training starts in 4 days – you are going to do so great!

  2. I ranted about it today…it still bothers me as much as I want success for them….
    not to be all mom but you do wear a helmet right?

    • I actually really appreciated this message, I currently do not have a helmet and need to get one asap. Almost my whole commute is on a bike/pedestrian path but that’s no excuse. I will try to get one this weekend. 🙂

  3. Looks like a lot of planning and preparation go into the cycle commute. Good for you!

    I’ll take you up on your challenge… not to work, but I’ll run/walk SOMEWHERE this week when I would typically drive.

  4. Great tips! I’m looking forward to a rain-free day so I can ride to work. We have a bike path that practically connects from my house to my office. Bingo!
    What training schedule are you following for your marathon training? I’m working towards my first one on the same date…but I think I’m not starting for about a month. Now I’m a little nervous!

  5. 1) Cute wallet! I’m digging anything pink these days.
    2) Wait up – does this post mean that there are people out there who have a life outside of work and their running shoes? The only place I take my car is to work and back… that’s kind of sad. Or maybe just well coordinated since I run all my errands on the way home.
    3) The BL Marathon: is it just me or would you not be bored out of your GOARD running 26.2 miles without the motivation of spectators/live bands/crazy costumed runners, ect.?
    4) Four days? Man, my marathon is the day after yours. And here I was thinking I could catch a rest after my half on Sunday. Guess I better get crack-a-lackin’!
    5) Have you picked a training plan? I’m still deliberating.

    • I should get my marathon training plan tomorrow night at my first TNT meeting – I will post it for all to see. Since there are so many of us running marathons the same weekend. YAY for us!!! 🙂

  6. Great tips! I’ve ridden off and on for years and you are bang on.

    When I’m riding alot I try to keep a stock at work. Snacks & meals (as much as possible). Get an extra set of things like hairbrush, make-up, wipes, deodorant that are for the office only.

    You can also do a once-a-week drive and bring in clothing for the week, fruit & veggies, etc. Or if you have a friend/family member who is heading that way anyway you can ask them to drop off/pick up stuff as needed.

    I’m excited to read about you going through your marathon training. Maybe it will be the thing that motivates me to take it on. Though maybe instead of Hawaii I should think grander .. Europe???

  7. i am taking u up on ur challenge and running to work on friday! yay. well, actually, i am gonna get dropped off and run the rest of the 10 miles. also, i will get my stuff dropped off at my work. yay! i am lucky bc i can shower at work, since i work from a home.

    but good list of things to do and bring!!

    and yes, i think its also weird that they run a marathon with only 30 days to train. that is not enough time. not at all.
    and did u see daris…..he ran it in just over 4 hours. that is crazy! totally insane
    i think he will run a few more in his lifetime.
    also, did gained 2 pounds. i totally understand. training for a marathon, you gain a few marathon pounds. i dont know why jillian and bob were so upset.

    i wonder if jillian or bob have ever ran a marathon before? hmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. The episode from last season’w BL aired the same week that I got a Leukemia Lymphoma Society Team in Training flyer in the mail. It was totally the catalyst to get me to sign up and commit to a marathon, if the BL contestants can do it, heck yes I could! :0) I run it in 3 weeks… W00t, w00t! Also, on Tuesday nights, I run on the treadmill for 2 hours while watching the show. I actually look forward to it! LOL.

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