Party Weekend


It’s always a party weekend when your birthday falls on the Sunday. My party started yesterday and will continue well on through tomorrow. Woah yeah!

I came back from my lunch break yesterday to find this…

They got me good.

I had also been telling everyone at work that I didn’t want a birthday cake and thought it would be fun to do a “make your own smoothie” instead.

Actually, I really just wanted them to try the infamous green monster with spinach, so they would stop making horrible faces at my morning breakfast.

They were one step ahead of me and surprised me with this in our conference room.

I was in smoothie heaven!

Double blender action!

I was so excited I couldn’t even contain myself. I just thought it was so cool that everyone was cool with smoothies instead of cake.

The aftermath: it was messy!

Surprisingly everyone tried the spinach smoothies and liked them! Well I knew they would. 🙂



This morning Maria & I met up with our new marathon team!


It was so cool to meet everyone. There is a group of about 30 of us all training for the Nike Marathon. 

We met up at 9:00 this morning, went over some team logistics, then we were off on our run!

It was only 2 miles today- just a teaser for what’s ahead. 🙂  Lovin’ it so far!

Now I am off to celebrate my birthday with all of my favorite peeps. There is a large group of us that all have birthday’s in May so we are having a May Baby Bash to honor everyone.

Have a great weekend and I will be reporting on more birthday shenanigans soon!


12 thoughts on “Party Weekend

  1. Are you kidding me? Are you born on May 22nd too?
    It was my birthday yesterday too, isn’t that funny?

    Congratulations on your birthday, hope you’ve had a great time.

  2. Wow. I positively adore my coworkers but there is no way in hell they would orchestrate Smoothy Central in our kitchen! I got chocolate peanut butter cupcakes on my birthday and I’m pretty such a healthier option would not have been tolerated. They must love you! 🙂

  3. How awesome that your work had a smoothie birthday for you! The decorations were great. Obviously they realize how amazing you are and celebrate accordingly. Love you.

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