Old Lady


Thank you all for the birthday wishes – this was a pretty spectacular birthday weekend. Who knew 27 would be so awesome?

Saturday night I left you to go out with a load of friends who were also celebrating birthdays. I realized this morning that I had only snapped a handful of pics from Saturday, but the memory was great all the same.

Obviously this guy was a superstar for making sure everything was taken care of all night. Such a good guy that J. Alabama! 😉

And Miss Jessica and I doing our sisterly pose. (She was my big sister back in my sorority days and we have been close friends ever since, love that girl!)

Birthday Cupcakes!

Over the course of the night we visited 4 different bars and met up with lots of friends. It was so fun to get out and meet up with everyone. J. Alabama and I were extremely proud of ourselves, we started the night by meeting up with friends at 7:30 pm and lasted through till last call. We were a bit tired yesterday, but not too tired to miss out on my Family birthday festivities!

Sunday’s plan of action was to meet up with the fam and indulge in my most favorite of meals- Appertivo!

Appertivo is italian for appetizers. In Italy is tradition to meet for appertivo earlier in the day before dinner time and drink wine and eat appetizers. Sounds amazing huh? IT WAS!

Check out the spread, my parents didn’t mess around! It was so fun to just pick a little bit of everything and you know it was pretty healthy too!

Thanks family for an awesome day! You guys are the best!

After we indulged in our appetizers and a few glasses of vino it was time for presents. I would like to just say that I really do have the most caring, thoughtful and amazing family.

My brother who is one of my best friends and always my partner in crime – is seriously one of the most fun people I know. 

But also has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I know

His birthday gift to me made laugh, we tell people we are twins but really I am two years older. Apparently I am an OLD LADY now. LOL!

But when I opened his card, that is when the tears started. I was really confused when I saw $100 bill fall out. My brother is a poor college student so I just thought he was giving me a happy birthday card.

Then he explained… Earlier this year he had set his heart on going to Haiti to help with the relief efforts and was attempting to raise money to pay for his trip over there. He owns his own non-profit business that helps teach people how to live sustainably. Such as teaching people to grow gardens, raise chickens for food…etc. And his idea was to go over there and teach the Haitians how to live this way too.

Well between his regular job, his full time load of classes and him running 3 businesses (yes he is an entrepeneur with loads of ideas), he wasn’t able to raise enough money to afford him the chance to leave. So he graciously asked his donator’s if he could in turn donate their money to me for my marathon instead.  *sniffle* – I know, I can’t even write this without crying. His gift to me was his hard earned donations. It meant more to me than any present I could ever have received. 

I’m really lucky to have such a great support system. I am blessed to have such a great family with huge hearts. My brother knows how important this marathon is to me and knew the money would still make a difference in people’s live. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society are doing some amazing things and saving lives, so either way these donations are a blessing.

THANK YOU everyone for making this such a memorable birthday.

I leave you with a picture of me and my “birthday cake”. As I again requested no cake and was delighted by my mom’s infamous lemonbars. TO.DIE.FOR! 🙂

P.S: I thought it was age appropriate to rock the pigtails, cuz you know I am such an old lady and all!






8 thoughts on “Old Lady

  1. Thanks for the shout out lil sis! I love you too! Your family is awesome and the food looked soo good. Your brother is so nice to do that for you. I know you’ve started your training, but don’t forget those of us who drag our butts out and run for you even though we hate running. Let’s run again or hang out soon.

  2. The asparagus and tomatoes with balsamic was the best! So glad to have shared this great day…snow on the mountains and flip flops on…interesting!! Happy BD Linzi!!

    • Thank you so much Brit (& Brent). Technically I have until October to raise the money, but the recommitment date (the I am really signing my life away to do this marathon is August).

  3. What a sweet gift from your brother. You guys look a lot alike! My brother and I are complete opposites 😀 Happy 27! I’ll be 28 in August. I’m really enjoying 27 🙂

  4. What a wonderful Birthday weekend! I am DROOLING at the appie spread. Nice!!! Yummy looking lemon bars too. And I *love* your turquoise top… so pretty!

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