Pink Feet


My birthday may have come and gone, but the fun still lingers. 🙂

I found a tiny little package on my front doorstep last night after work. I pretty much ripped it open within seconds.  It was from my BESTIE and marathon training pal Maria!

Check it out! I was stoked to find PINK running socks and vanilla bean Gu!

I have been running for over a year and have still never tried Gu, crazy huh?

So I am going to save this little Gu packet for my next looooooooong run, and then give you a full report. But I was not about to let these pink socks sit for too long without some lovin’. So I put them on my feet and geared up for a lovely run.

I just love pink. 🙂


My TNT Marathon training plan called for a 30 minute run which to me equals about 3 miles. I actually finished 3 miles in 32 minutes last night, as I was struggling to run two days in a row.

I’m still working on posting that training plan for you all to see. I promise to get it up as soon as I can.

I have noticed that running two days in a row was hard and pretty much exhausted me. So bad, that I may or may not have slept through most of The Biggest Loser Finale. 😦


Two funny things that happened on my run last night:

  1. I inhaled my first bug (yup, I was breathing pretty deep and bam! I started choking, the little bugger went down pretty fast though)
  2. Some guy saw me coming and started yelling “RUN! RUN” – he was mimicking my shirt. I was like “ha ha ha – thanks man!”

P.S – The pink socks rocked. They were comfy, fun and way prettier then all my current white running socks. I love adding a little pizzazz into my life.


The Biggest Loser overview:

Don’t worry, I did manage to wake up to see the confetti fall on the winner! So at least I know who wins. I am actually just happy for all the contestants this season. The ones I saw looked fabulous! So disappointed that I missed most of it though. Did I miss anything exciting? I was hoping there would be a Sam & Stephanie proposal? Was there?

Running Reader Question:

So this one is for the girl who has never tried GuWhat is your recommendation on when to take the GU, take it after about an hour of running? How often do you GU? Every couple of miles after an hour of running? What’s the difference between GU Chomps & Gu? 

I personally have not run over 6.2 miles so have not had a reason to GU, but I know my long runs are coming up soon and I want to be prepared.



12 thoughts on “Pink Feet

  1. Love the socks! When I was half marathon training, I would do a GU or Clif Bloks after an hour and then every three or four miles after that. I could usually “feel” when I needed it…I would start to get really tired and slow. It felt like I was kind of hitting my breaking point (even though I knew I had more to give).
    Those little gooeys gave me the go power I needed.
    Good luck! I’ll be reading to see how it gu-oes. 😉

  2. Cute socks. I’ve been running for 2 1/2 years and never had Gu. Well, not running anyway. My son tried one at a track meet and I had a little taste.

    I didn’t catch all of BL either, just the last hour. Don’t think there was any big engagement announcement ;). Koli sure looked skinny though … too skinny maybe. He seemed kind of pissed too, but I don’t know why. At the end the host asked him how he felt and he basically said he just wants to go home. It was a tad weird, but maybe I missed something earlier. Maybe he was mad about not being chosen for the final three.

  3. Hiya! I actually only use Gu if I’m running over the half marathon mark. Generally if you fuel well beforehand, you don’t really need to eat anything for the first 13 miles… fluids you do need (I love Nuun since it’s low in sugar but replaces your electrolytes!). Once you get past 13 miles on your marathon training, it’s good to practice with Gus or chomps to see which you prefer. I liked Gus for the colder weather, but in the warmer weather I prefer the chomps because they seem to taste a little… saltier? They don’t coat your mouth as much. Try and see!

  4. How sweet of your friend! My PDR is 8.6 ish miles so I don’t really have too much insight to offer. I’ve never tried the liquid gu. I am a huge fan of the chomps and of clif shot blocks. I would have 2-3 on any run over 5 miles and use it as an incentive… one chomp at 4 miles, 1 at 5.5… lol.

  5. I’ve never taken GU either. My longest runs are 13 but it’s not enough of a distance for me to require fueling during running. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts! Some people like it and others not so much.

  6. I’m starting to run outside more this spring, but I have yet to swallow a bug. I guess I have something to look forward to! I did swallow a bug playing softball last summer and it was pretty gross!

  7. Awww, what an awesome package to receive!

    I did Gu/Hammer Gel on my last two half marathons. For me, I take 2 clif bloks before my race. Then I’ll do a gel or a gu every 5-6mi with water (you HAVE to take them with water). That’s just me though. The benefit of the gel or gu is that there’s no “chewing” involved….for whatever reason, to me, I can’t “chew” while I run. It’s like all my energy goes to my legs instead of my jaw. 😉

    • Thank you!! I had not thought about trying to chew and run – the gu gel makes sense. I will doing a few longer runs soon and will let you know how it goes for me. 🙂 THanks for your feedback!

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