I am Team in Training


Today marks my second ever saturday run with Team in Training.

Today’s run was a little hard for me because my training partner Maria-Maria (she reminds me of a west side story) 🙂  couldn’t be there.

So, I did it solo.

But the great part about Team in Training is you are never alone. I met up with my team and together we  did an awesome 4 miler.

The coolest part, I met some new peeps and even met my TNT Mentor. My mentor is doing this for her 3rd time and is doing it in honor of her mother who has been affected by Lymphoma. It made me feel good to know that by me running this race I am helping her mother in a small way.

I am running for those who are sick and physically cannot run. I am also running to raise money and awareness about Leukemia. It’s pretty amazing to hear all the success stories. Due to all the funds raised through the TNT efforts about 85% of Leukemia patients now live when merely years ago they may not have.

So when I wake up early on a saturday morning and don’t want to run because it’s cold outside, my running partner can’t be there and I would rather stay snuggled in my warm bed – I get up and run.

I am TEAM in Training and I am running for a great cause. 

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


6 thoughts on “I am Team in Training

  1. hey!!! yay for 4 miles! thats awesome!
    isnt it good when u wake up and run. doesnt it feel good. especially when u know that you are running for someone! i wish i could do TNT, but the closest one to me is like an hour away.

    happy long weekend. we had ours last week, so on monday, while u r enjoying ur day, ill be at work :(.

    ok have a great weekend!

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