Life in the Fast Lane

Okay, so I felt like a pseudo blogger until now. People it’s the real deal now.

Check it out!

I’m blogging to you LIVE from my new PINK PEARL. Awwww!!

I assure you that I am not drinking vino at 10:30 in the morning, that needs to get put away. Oops! But I have to admit that I am loving the new laptop and feel like a REAL blogger now.

I hope you are all enjoying your Monday and for those of you who are celebrating Memorial Day, I hope you are enjoying your day off. I have had quite the weekend already.


Besides loving the new pink pearl and I have lived Life in the Fast Lane this weekend- as in I got to see The Eagles in Concert last night! Woah, Yeah!!

When the boyfriend first told me he got tickets to see The Eagles I wasn’t sure I would know that many songs, but low and behold I knew MOST of them.

I was very surprised at how diverse this group actually is. Everyone in the band plays an instrument and sings. I feel a little behind the times, but I was seriously impressed with their musical abilities. And they rocked out for a good two hours.

It was definitely a fun time!

The Eagles consider themselves “California Country Rock” – I rocked the cowboy hat in honor of that. Okay so I only rocked it for the picture, but it was in tribute to the awesome Cali-CountryRock sound of the Eagles. Ahhh… Hotel California.


Anyways, I also had a great weekend with the girlies. Like so many of you, I also met up with my lovely ladies to see SEX AND THE CITY 2 on Saturday Night.

The lovely Brittany hosted a girls night fully stocked with a make your martini martini bar and delicious appetizers. We were to dress to impress Carrie Bradshaw. That we did.

This is Amy from the Will Run For Wine running group – apparently she will run for cosmos too! She looked so cute in this picture I had to share it.

My friend Hannah and I rocking our party attire. Yeah!

Brittany & I – Trying to rock the self portrait

We indulged in a few cocktails and then dressed in our Saturday Night best, went on down the movie theaters. It was such a great time with ALL the ladies and I loved the movie!

Have you seen Sex and The City 2 yet? What did you think?


12 thoughts on “Life in the Fast Lane

  1. wow, sounds like a great weekend! looks like you had fun!!!

    i have not seen Sex and the City yet. i am dyiiiiing to go see it! did u like it?? did u love it????

  2. Love the laptop! Love that you got to hang out with my girl Britt! So jealous of all the fun y’all had! Haven’t seen the movie, but I will hopefully soon!

  3. Congrats on the laptop!! LOVE the color!!

    BUT most of all how HOT do you look in your Cowboy Hat!! Very cute!!
    I would find all kinds of opportunity to wear the hat. lol

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! I have not seen SATC2 yet; the hubs and I were going to see it this week while we’re on vacation but with all the (mostly negative) reviews I’m debating on waiting to see it on rental…

  5. The Eagles? Are they stil alive? Just kidding. I’m a hugh Springsteen fan and he’s getting old too 🙂

    I’m going to see S&TC 2 tonight with my best friend. I love your outfits. We will both wear our designer shoes, she Gucci’s, me Calvin Klein pumps. I always love the shoes in the show.

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