Food Rules!


I recently read Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules. I took it as FOOD RULES! Yeah!

But really, it’s a guide book if you will, on healthier eating – tips and reminders to keep you on track with good healthy eating.

Food does rule, but with Food Rules it is easier to make the right choices, at least for me.

This book was a super quick read. Seriously, I read the whole thing in one night. (And I read s-l-0-w)

It was funny, insightful and inspiring.

I am always looking for the magic answer to weight loss and health, even though deep down inside I know what I need to do to be successful.

So I read this book hoping for the magic answer. Nope – no magic answer here but the jist I got was this.

Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much.

It makes sense and it’s simple.

Pollan goes on to define what ‘real food’ is. He explains why you should eat more greens. And obviously that portion control (or lack there of) is probably the root of a lot of weight problems.

It’s little books like these that remind me of my health goals and gets me to think twice before I just buy products from the grocery store without reading the labels. What we put into our bodies is important. How much we put into our bodies is just as important.

I highly recommend reading this book if you get a chance. But don’t get me wrong, a lot of  the content may sound familiar. He had people send in their most favorite healthy sayings & tips.


The idea that your plates should contain a good amount of colorful veggies.

If I could add my own food rules to live by,  they would be:

Say Hello to H2O (I am constantly lacking in the water consumption department – I need to drink it up!)

Snack Attack (Prepare for every occasion by having healthy snacks on hand – If you are prepared you can avoid the hunger crazed rage of eating whatever is in site because you are sooo hungry)

Don’t be afraid of homemade (Making a meal in your own kitchen provides you with the option of making it healthier because you are in control. Don’t be scared of tweeking a recipe to fit your taste. I am constantly adding some kind of veggies to almost every dish I make, whether the recipe calls for it or not.)

Have you read this book? What food rules do you live by?


8 thoughts on “Food Rules!

  1. its like you can read my mind. i am actually on the chapters website (big bookstore) and i am looking for healthy food books to buy. crazy connection we have. hahhaha

    i will look for that one. 🙂

  2. I try and focus on new “food rules” every few months. As soon as it becomes a habit, I find a new “rule” to incorporate into my diet. Currently I’m focusing on avoiding artificial sweetners, especially high fructose corn syrup. It means reading labels which I don’t really like (makes me feel obsessive) but I think it’s important.

    Past rules that became habits were avoiding processed foods (with the exception of birthday cake!), UNcomplex carbs, soda, and bad fats.

    Have you read Eating Animals? I think I’m going to pick it up, but I’m scared. I heard it’s a difficult read and I have a feeling it may turn me off meat forever!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check it out.

    Food rules I live by – definitely h2o! I guzzle that stuff all day and I always notice on my runs, my skin and how I feel in general if I am lacking. I also try to eat as many WHOLE, NATURAL foods as possible!

  4. Oooo thanks for sharing! I’ve seen this book but haven’t read it yet. I agree with your rules- water water water! I also always eat breakfast no matter what.

  5. About a year ago I started reading labels at the grocery store and I was shocked by what I found, most of which was unpronouncable. I also started keeping healthy snacks in my drawer at work. It is filled with nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, apples, etc. I snack regularly throughout the day and drink lots of unsweetened iced tea. Lastly, I bring my lunch to work which is much better than constantly eating out for both the calories and the checkbook. These things really help me keep my weight and hunger under control.

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