Coffee for a Cause


As you know by the title of my blog and the subject of most of my rants over here I’m headed for Destination 26.2 in October.

I pledged to the nice people at Team in Training that I would train hard everyday until the day I get to cross that finish line in San Francisco at my very first ever marathon.

But before I can even board the plane to good Old San Fran with my Team I also made a promise to raise $3200 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

To fulfill this promise I am reaching out to you all, my friends to ask you to participate in my Coffee For A Cause Challenge.

I’m a huge fan of the joe – and typically treat myself to a special coffee drink on Fridays . Well not this friday, my coffee $$ is going to the cause.  

I would also like to challenge  you all to help me inch closer to my goal of raising $3200 by donating your friday coffee  to The leukemia & Lymphoma Society instead too.

Instead of buying that grande caramel macchiato this weekend at Starbucks donate the five bucks toward a good cause instead.


You can do it for the reason that you support me in my mission of reaching Destination 26.2.

You can do it because the money raised for the leukemia & Lymphoma society helps in research and helps save lives.

You can also do it because I am offering up a chance to win something for your money.

By donating $5.00 you will get one entry  into my Coffee For A Cause Challenge.

By donating $10.00 you will get entered into my Coffee For a Cause Challenge 3 times.

I will be accepting donations for Coffee For a Cause ALL through the weekend. On monday morning, June 7th I will  randomly pick a winner.

What is that you can win? None other than this sweet PINK iced coffee to-go cup.

It comes  from a little local coffee shop here in Boise, Idaho called Thomas Hammer.

To donate your coffee funds to this great cause and to get entered in for a chance to win this sweet pink coffee cup – click on my Team In Training Fundraising Page. 

Don’t forget I will pick a winner on monday morning, so you have through the weekend to donate your Coffee for a good Cause! 🙂

I appreciate your help and am thankful for all the support that is out there in the blog community. Have a great weekend!

12 thoughts on “Coffee for a Cause

  1. Hey! This is a GREAT cause! I ran my first ever half marathon for the CCFA, and got so involved in the program that now I’m a fundraising/running mentor for them this season. If you ever need fundraising ideas (doesn’t seem like you will!), give me a shout. I fundraise for a living, so I’m always willing to provide some tips. 🙂 (This year I only had to raise $1,500 for the CCFA, but last year I raised $6,000!)

    GOOD LUCK! Oh, and I donated. 😉

    • Thank you so much! I may hit you up for some fundraising ideas here soon. I can definitely see how once you participate in these kind of events you will want to do it again as a coach/mentor. You really get to see how you are helping people just by running and raising funds and awareness. So powerful!

  2. Congrats on your first marathon! Also, great idea on the coffee fundraising. I participate in a few fundraising events through the year, one of them is the annual Light the Night Leukemia & Lymphoma event in Las Vegas.

    You might be interested in “Sharing USA”, an online retailer that donates a percentage of each purchase to the charity of your choice. Does not cost you anything more than the original purchase. So after your fundraising and event, you can still continue to donate to a cause that is important to you. The website is

    Good luck to you on your fundraising and marathon! Your motivation and enthusiasm is uplifting.

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