And I’m spent.

The last two days have been incredible, and those are pretty impressive words to speak as I type this after working a 15 hour day.

If you guys didn’t know, part of my job involves event planning.

It rocks my world.

Yesterday I started the day by coordinating a golf tournament.

It looks like a rough job I know! ๐Ÿ™‚

We don’t have beaches here in-da-ho but we have mountains, trees and the bluest skies. ๐Ÿ™‚

A lot of you were excited about my healthy mission while on the road. Making healthy choices while out of town has been easier than I thought. But as I mentioned yesterday, it really comes down to good pre-planning, and oh, WILL POWER.

Bringing Hamilton, the portable blender has been the best decision I have made on this trip.

It’s also the best $20 bucks I have spent in a long time. Hamilton came from Wally World and worked well for this type of trip. I wouldn’t suggest using Hamilton on a daily basis, but for a quick out-of-town trip, he is a LIFE SAVER!

I give all credits and smooth sailing this week at my work conference to Hamilton. I don’t think I would have even had time to gulp down a regular breakfast if it weren’t for the in room smoothie service.

Speaking of smooth sailing…

After the golf tourney ended it was time to gear up for the dinner cruise on the lake. Oh yes!

Between all the crazy rain storms the weather gods decided to cut me a break. I was so thankful because it made our event a lot more fun! Check out the “hair blowing in the wind” effect. ๐Ÿ˜‰

With the combination ofย  running on the worlds oldest treadmill, coordinating a golf tourney and mingling whilst cruisin’ on the beautiful Lake yesterday, surprisingly I was still pretty full of energy this morning.


Today started at 6:30 am with me helping set up our vendor show.

I was bummed that I wouldn’t even have time to get my morning workout in before I had to work. But I can honestly say my work out today came in the form of running back and forth about a zillion times all over the conference. I am TOTALLY counting it because I was sweating by the time I made my third trip down the hotel stairs to the conference room.

Our conference went until 5:30 pm tonight and then went straight to a hosted bbq. This guy’s house was unbelievable. I am still in awe as I post these pictures.

When I stepped into his backyard I saw this. Yup, a real train car. As in every reader of The Boxcar Childrens dream.

I was even more excited to step inside and see that it refurbished to be a guest house.

I spied around every corner and literally had to push my jaw from off the ground. Where the freak am I?

His backyard is complete with a fully working cannon stored under his personal bell tower.

Oh yeah, and this one is a cannon too. It shoots bowling balls hundreds of feet into the air.

Don’t think we left the BBQ without a live presentation. I felt like it was Independence day with all the cannons firing. Pretty amazing for a work BBQ!

At this point I knew I had to go inside. Lookie, I found a LIFE SIZED Luigi! I wanted to keep him.

Then I was tipped off about the “secret room”. This is serious business folks, his book shelf literally opens into a private wine cellar!

Umm… yeah. Enough said! Pretty awesome.

I have to say that my work trip turned out to be so fun! I am also glad to say that I kept on track with my healthy eating too. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow I will hopefully get in a nice good run before the Relay this weekend. Eeeek! I am nerv-cited. Yeah nervous/excited you get the point.

Do you get nerv-cited about races you have never done before? What cures your pre-race jitters?

I am extra anxious about this race because it’s a relay (which i have never done one before) but so excited to heading back into the beautiful Idaho mountains. I think that alone is curing my pre-race jitters.


11 thoughts on “Seriously

  1. Great job on the event..the bbq looks awesome.
    I get nervous about races/places I am not familiar with. I do everything I can to learn about the course or race online or even driving it if I can. I am nutty like that.

  2. Wow, w!hat an aMAZing place you are at! I bet if you had a podometer on you would have walked miles at the conference.

    We are traveling too, and the best thing we have is the FRIDGE. We have been able to buy yogurts & cheese and not have to eat junky food because we have cold water and peanuts. Nice! Love your Hamilton!

  3. Great job sticking to the healthy plan while away! Sounds like a pretty fun job!!

    I definitely get nerv-cited. A hot bath and a good boko before bed usually help me unwind.

  4. So funny…looks like we have the SAME JOB. ๐Ÿ™‚

    How far are you going with the relay? I did one in May and it was AWESOME. Just take deep breaths and know that ultimately, most everything is out of your control…for some reason that helps me.

  5. looks like you had a blast!! great stuff. i wish i could travel for work. that looks like nice wine. yummmmmm. i know its only 10:51 am, but a glass of red wine would be fabulous right now.

    anyways, you will do great on the relay. you will have lots of fun and kick ass. just because you are you!

  6. You have really been working and playing! Fun times!

    As for pre-race jitters, I recommend rest and sleep. Nothing hurts the nerves like the irrationality brought on by lack of sleep!

  7. You were in Coeur D Alene? Cool! We bought our truck in nearby Kellogg (Dave Smith – who else). Some pretty country out there – and super friendly people.

    That house is pretty amazing. Looks like you had a fantastic little trip all around.

    Good luck with your upcoming relay.

  8. What a great area that is, you sure do have a great job despite the long hours.

    I’m more nervous for races I’ve run before because I know what to expect.

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