Sawtooth Relay 2010

Just call us Relay Rock stars – because really that’s what we are!

This rely was definitely different than any race I have ever ran in and was a lot harder too, but was AWESOME!

Professional Beer Run consisted of (left to right from pic above) :

  • Tara – First time relayer and first running race ever
  • Megan – First time relayer and first running race ever
  • Maria – First time relayer
  • Will – Birthday Boy and our seasoned veteran on the relay team
  • Taylor – First time relayer, first running race, and awesome sub!
  • The Linz – First time relayer

Biggest Obstacle Tackled: The night before we left for relay one of our runner’s had a family emergency leaving them to drop out of the race last-minute. This left us with 2 legs of the race to fill (one being the HARDEST uphill climb).  Luckily Taylor agreed to step in! No one on the team had trained for the monstrous Galena Summit, so we agreed to split up between Taylor, Maria & I.

We had a beautiful place to stay on Friday night, thanks to Will’s sister Robyn – which was less than an hour from the race start. A lot of people had to camp outside at the race start due to the lack of hotel options. We were lucky to have an awesome cabin to crash in the night before.

Once we arrived at the cabin we knew the van’s needed some PBR Love!

Then it was time to make a HUGE pasta dinner and hit the hay.

We had to wake up at 3:45 am to make it to the start by 5:45 am. 

Morning came all too soon – let me tell you! But we made it to the race start minutes of our official start.

Will, the birthday boy was first to lead team PBR off!

It was 25 degrees at the start of the race, but by the end of the day we were basking in 70 degree weather!

Will passed of the relay bracelet to Maria, my bestie and marathon partner in crime so she could run leg 2.

I waited nervously at the exchange point for Maria to do the pass off.

Then I was off!

Please note the beautiful views in the backdrop!

My first leg of running was roughly 5.03 miles with a gradual uphill incline. My legs felt like cement blocks for the first 2 miles but I just kept on truckin’.

I finished  my 5.03 mile leg in 57 minutes. With the incline and difficulties breathing the air due to the elevation I was pretty stoked to make it under an hour (my secret goal time).

Also, I started using the run 6 minutes/ walk 1 minute method for the whole race, since I knew that I would be adding in part of that hill. I wasn’t sure how my body would react to running 3 times in one day, let alone running more than 6.25 miles, my current personal distance record.

Tara ran leg four then passed off the slap bracelet to her sister Megan to finish up leg 5.

It was crazy that time flew by so quickly, we were now to the beast of the Galena Summit (a 1,331 feet elevation gain from the start of the hill to top).

Taylor started the hill and for not knowing she was running this race until the day before she rocked it!

Check out the Natty Wagon! Natural Light the beer – we had competition with our PBR!! 🙂

Maria took the second part of the hill and of course we HAD to stop for pics during the water stops!

Then I was up to finish off the big hill. I ran and walked roughly 1.5 miles up that hill and was so happy to say that I did part of it. It was hard, but it was awesome!

After we reached the top of the hill the running order started over and we all ran another leg.

My third run of the race was a lovely 4.64 miler. I wasn’t sure how good I would feel about this run, but amazingly I was on FIRE!

I worked very hard to fuel, hydrate and stretch as properly as I could between the runs and it must have paid off. I finished my last run of the day in 49:00 minutes. That exceeded my expectations by a TON!

So overall I ran 10.97 miles in the course of three runs. My longest running distance in one day to-date. And I felt amazing during and after!

I took almost 200 pictures, so I will just post a few more of my favorites as you probably get the picture that we all ran  A LOT and it was a beautiful day in the mountains!

We FINALLY reached the finish line. Apparently the after party was closing at 6:00 pm and we reached the finish line a little after 6:00 pm. That put us at 12.25 hours of straight running. OMG!

Our reward for finishing the race was this awesome wicking shirt, a free beer, and a plate of cooked trout and potatoes.

This wasn’t necessarily the best after race food, but food is food when you have been exerting energy since 3:45 that morning. I ate it happily and then we planned our next meal out on the town of the Sun Valley!

Before we left for our second dinner we rocked our professional Beer Run shirts and did a cheers with our PBR’s for good measure!

As I said already, this was one of the hardest races I have ever done. But technically, I was not even supposed to run that middle summit leg. I was really proud of my team for their good attitudes and glad that we could all pull together at the last-minute and finish strong.

The after math: I thought I would be tired and sore, and lucky me I really still do feel AMAZING! Whatever I did, I did it right. 🙂 Thanks for all your encouraging words as my team and I completed one of the hardest races any of us has ever done.


25 thoughts on “Sawtooth Relay 2010

  1. You totally rocked it like I knew you would! It looks like you guys had a blast and I know that you will only continue getting better and better. You inspire me and I heart you.

  2. Outstanding!! That looks like so much fun. I’ve never done a relay – I so wish my friends were runners! BTW I love that “Runner’s Ahead” sign!! OMG, I would totally hang that in my house – I don’t care if it doesn’t match my Pottery Barn insprired decor. 🙂

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I think it would be nice to do a shorter relay like this that lasts just one day. The relay I did went overnight and we were EXHAUSTED after running for 27ish hours! GOOD WORK on that major hill!

  4. What a COMPLETELY COOL THING!!! That is so awesome and I have to admit, I’m a little jealous that you have running buddies to do it with!

    Great job on your running, girlie – you are doing so great!

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