A running honor


The last few weeks have been sort of a whirlwind roller coaster ride.

It’s been full of laughter, new memories, tears and reflections of the past.

I have been on a running journey, most recently the past few weeks as I embarked on my biggest adventure yet, training for my first marathon.

My running has become a sort of therapy for me, though I had not realized it until today.

It’s the calm after a long intense day.

It is silence after countless hours of noise.

It’s the feeling of muscle ache that makes you appreciate you have muscles that work.

It’s the accomplishment of something so small as running three times in one day or simply just running because you can.

It didn’t really hit me until last week, that being able to move my fingers, legs and toes was such a privilege. Until you have those functions taken away from you, you cannot really even imagine what it’s like without.

I know that more than anything I am so lucky to be able to run this marathon in October.

I am going to take the emotions that I feel now and use them to push me through the hard times.

Losing a family member is never easy. I guess I have been really lucky to have not had to deal with these kinds of issues in my life, until last night.

I am reminded again today, that I am running this race for ALL of those people who can’t.

For the people who suffer from Leukemia, Lymphoma and every other kind of cancer. And for those who are sick and can’t run. Also for those who have lived a good long life and had to say goodbye eventually.

Italian Grampa, I know you are watching over me now and just know that I will keep you in my heart and when the times get rough along the way I hope you will whisper in my ear from the heavens above “Andiamo! Andiamo!” Which means “Let’s Go” in italian.

Today I will run in honor of my Italian grampa.


12 thoughts on “A running honor

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a grandfather that sounds so special! I’m so glad we all have outlets like running to help us do just as you described so beautifully!

  2. awww honey! im sorry for your loss.
    very nice post!
    I hope that you are feeling ok and yes, running is a great outlet for stress, sadness and frustration!!!

  3. Linz, your post made me teary this morning. I am sure your Grampa is so proud of you and the person that you have become. If your Grampa was anything like you then I am sure he will be greatly missed! Call me if you want to talk or if there is anything I can do.

  4. Oh, Linz, I’m so sorry about your Grandpa. So, so sorry. My grandpa had a stroke earlier this year and we had to have “the chat” as a family to prepare for whatever may happen. It was awful. I’m going to give you a big hug next time I see you!

  5. so sorry for your loss, I know exactly how you feel. I run to heal as well. Lost my dad unexpectedly and started running, it truly is my therapy.
    May the memories you have of him guide you to healing.
    you are in my thoughts!

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