Super Seven!


I’m so excited to report that I finished my first 7 miler run with the TEAM this morning!

My legs felt like a ton of bricks and I was dragging the whole run. I thought at some point the feeling would go away but it never did.

They say some days are “on” days and some days are not. Well, today was just not one of them. 😦

I tried to keep positive though, a run is a run and 7 miles is a new personal distance record for me. I know I ran 11 miles in the course of 3 runs last weekend during the Sawtooth Relay, but it’s just a little different when you run all those miles in a row!

I was thankful my marathon training buddie Maria was there to cheer me up. She kept telling me “you can do it” and was very patient when I needed to take 1 million walking breaks.

Today’s running adventure took us up many different hills – they are really trying to break us in for San Francisco! It made the Galena Summit feel like nothing. And I say that mildy, as I am probably in so much pain today from the aftermath of the Relay and that darn summit last weekend.

But nonetheless, we trudged along up hills, down hills, through neighborhoods until we reached the TNT Bucket.

Yup, that bucket was our saving grace. It was our sign to turn around and begin the decent back to the start. THANK GOD!

I was more than excited to make it to the end of our run. 7 miles…… check!

Rock on!

After the team run a bunch of the gals headed straight over to a breakfast joint. Our first TEAM breakfast! It was a ton of fun getting to know more of the members on our team and let me tell you, the breakfast hit the spot.

(kind of blurry… sorry!)

So my super 7 miles are out of the way and next week we will run 8 miles together. I am glad to that we are making the jump slowly but loving the experience of getting closer and closer to those double-digit runs.

It’s all mental – so once I hit 10 I know I will be able to do 26! Woo hoo!

Happy running all, I am getting ready for an extreme (as in fun not as in hard) cruiser bike ride.  Sea Breeze & I will be back on monday with a FULL report of this weekend’s shenanigans.


13 thoughts on “Super Seven!

  1. I’m glad you’re having such a good time getting to know your team. Don’t worry about today – we all have those days! And 7 miles at a stretch is a huge accomplishment!! (I remember the first time I hit 7 – it was purely by accident. I was supposed to run 3.5 I think, but I missed the turn off. Didn’t stop running though. When I got home and Mapquested the route I took I was shocked!). P.S. Please tell me your Garmin slides around like crazy when you run. I can’t imagine wearing mine without a sweatband or something beneath it – it’s HUGE!

  2. Congrats on running 7 miles with TNT! I haven’t ever ran more than 4 mile so 7 miles intimidates me! I definitely need to slowly up my mileage.

    I definitely agree that it’s all mental. I tell myself that when I’m struggling!

  3. That bucket is a good idea!! Some of our runs are loops, so that wouldn’t work, but I’ll keep that in mind as a suggestion for Team Challenge. Also — as you continue marathon training, 7 miles will become a breeze. You’ll get used to the distance and your body will stop feeling quite so sore afterwards. Promise!

  4. Congrats on the PDR! Woohoo! You should feel so proud of yourself. I have a seven miler on tap tomorrow morning, and an eight miler next weekend too 😀 Way to go Linzi!

  5. Way to go! You dominated those 7 miles, I’m sure. Remember: ain’t no shame in taking a walk break…the breaks get you through to the final goal, but quitting doesn’t. It shows good judgement to walk when you need it.
    I ran 6 yesterday and I totally feel you on the “off” day thing. I would have croaked if I had run one step further!

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  7. It’s definitely normal to have some tough runs in the mix, especially as you face new distance challenges. Way to stick with it and get it done! CONGRATS, GIRL!

  8. Congrats! You had an off day but you kept on going! Should have read this post before my run this morning, maybe I would have run further knowing I wasn’t the only one having a bad running day.

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