Just Cruisin’


What do you get when 30 people in matching shirts show up with their “cruiser” bikes in tow?

We like to call it Booze Cruize – but you can call it a pub crawl on a bike or whatever you want!

This organized event is a once a year treat for my Boise peeps. A group of friends meet up to undergo this awesome bike adventure. We safely ride from establishment to establishment and may indulge in an adult beverage or two along the way. 😉

Of course ‘Sea Breeze’ was excited to get out on the open green belt as the weather on Saturday was more than perfect.

Our first stop led us to this local dive known as The Symposion, best known for their dog friendly atmosphere.

If you read my Super 7 miler recap from saturday morning, you will realize that a beer was much needed for Maria & I at this point in the day.

We even had one person spread the love of bicycling safety on the back of her shirt!

Even the boyfriend (he’s in the front) joined in for a day of fun. His signature of this cruising event is to rent the Tandem Cruiser bike – hilarious if you ask me!

My favorite part about Booze Cruize is that everyone let’s loose and isn’t afraid to be silly, or to rock the beer-stache if you will.

I was even more surprised when I heard a commotion outside the first stop and realized that the boyfriend had since stripped off his cargo shorts to reveal that he was wearing tiny little running shorts.

Apparently these tiny little shorts aren’t the best for bike riding – who knew? 🙂

We rode on and enjoyed the lovely day!

And even made a stop for pizza along the way.

Have you ever had Lasagna Pizza?

Oh my! According to the waiter our pizza weighed in at 15 pounds. And if you look closely you will see a crispy lasagna noodle on top. It’s pasta pizza!

The cruising event took us to many of Boise’s dive hot spots and did not disappoint.

Until next year, Cruise on!

Have you ever participated in a fun themed pub crawl (whether on bike or foot)? I have actually heard of people running from bar to bar, but wondered how the stomach holds up.


10 thoughts on “Just Cruisin’

  1. That looks like so much fun! I’m in need of a sea breeze myself 🙂 We had a pub crawl at school during senior week (6 years ago, wow!) and it was so much fun 😀

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