Family Fun


What a weekend! I just spent an entire weekend at a lovely vacation villa. 🙂

A happy birthday goes out to my little brother who turned 25 this weekend, and my grama who turned 70. I Love birthdays! Hope your birthday weekend was the best, I sure had fun!

My favorite pic from the weekend, the birthday boy himself. Apparently at 25 you are still able to cut loose and ride a dinosaur!

The vacation villa is the most amazing tranquil place. It has a lovely heated pool in the back, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.

I am standing next to the Lotus pond. I love the when the lotus flowers are in bloom, so special.

Inside the Villa there is a Koi pond. Pretty neat!

But there is also several koi ponds outside too.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and pretty much went straight for the pool with a cocktail in hand. There is no better way to say TGIF!

I spent the majority of friday night floating in the pool.


I started Saturday morning by bounding out of bed ready for a workout. There were no clocks in the house so I had no idea what time it was but figured a sunrise workout would be the perfect way to start the day.

So I set-up a nice little area to do an outdoor Shred workout.

Yes, I packed hand weights, the shred video and my laptop just for this occasion.

I haven’t shredded in so long, but was glad to feel the burn.

Shredding outside was actually quite fun, and nothin could beat the view.

After my shred, I realized that still no one was awake yet, so went out for a quickie run.

I was dressed in my workout clothes already, so I didn’t really have a reason not to.

This is the path I ran down.

I was in complete utter awe by the natural beauty that surrounded me this weekend.  It was fun to run along a quiet country road.

I was sans Garmina, so I wasn’t sure exactly how far I ran. But I think it around 2 miles. I just wanted to loosen up my legs.

After my shred and run, I was STARVING! I was excited to see the family had awoken from their slumber and decided to make a green monster for everyone to try. My grama was especially excited to try it because she has been hearing all about them. As I pretty much try to convert everyone I know into drinking them.

Good thing we brought a blender and all the supplies. I even brought almond milk, it was already in the blender before I thought to take the picture.

I did a basic green monster (spinach, banana, almond milk, protein powder) and added a handful of fresh cherries.

The picture below is of my grama drinking her first monster.

She said she LOVED it.

After monster time, I was MORE than ready to jump back into the pool.  Aww… pure and utter bliss.

At one point during the day we decided to take a break and play a mean round of horseshoes. I love this magical villa house, it even has a horse shoe pit around back.

I especially loved the viewing area next to the horseshoe pit. It was so cute!

We also engaged in several craft projects and game tournaments.

The whole weekend was a success.

I honestly cannot remember the last time my WHOLE family stayed under one roof for an entire weekend. And what I love about my family, is that we all get along and have a blast!

Happy Birthday Bro and Grams and thanks family for a great weekend!

Do you play your workout by ear when you are traveling or do you try to plan them out ahead of time? I brought my computer and shred gear just in case the run didn’t happen. I am so glad I did, as it gave me options.


11 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Thanks for finding this great place Linzi. It was amazing. I still don’t know how you did that workout in the morning…you are a trooper!

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend!! I especially love the dinosaur pic, haha!

    I don’t travel all that often, last time was when I want to San Diego and I just did a whole lot of walking around and exploring. In hindsight I would have done more though. I think the next time I travel I will do like you, bring a dvd that I can do in the hotel room but then also go running or use the hotel gym if there is one..

  3. That looks like an excellent weekend!! I try to work in exercise if I’m travelling but try not to get too bent out of shape if it doesn’t happen!

  4. beautiful pictures. looks like u had a blast.
    yay for Green Monsters. I have not had one in over 2 weeks. ive been living at the bf’s house and they dont have a blender. I miss Max the Mixer from my house.

  5. Wow I am so impressed that you packed and lugged all of that gear. Doing the shred outside is a brillaint idea! The photos are gorgeous. So glad that you enjoyed your weekend and HAPPY DOUBLE DIGIT RUNNING! So awesome that you ran ten miles 🙂

  6. How lucky are all of you that you have each other, like each other and take the time to be together… I know you cherish these times together and thank you for sharing them with us!

  7. What an awesome weekend and good for you squeezing in the exercise!

    I definitely try to plan ahead and ALWAYS do it first thing. Once I get into lazy vacation mode, fuggedaboutit!

  8. I promise if you make another villa trip happen that I will get up and run with you. Oh yes, you heard that right.

  9. That looks like such a fun family vacation. I’ve always wanted my family to rent a hour somewhere for a vacation or holiday…I’ll have to keep working on that! Great job on the workout, I always feel lazy on vacation, but usually end up getting in one workout the first or second day, then poop out!

  10. This place looks soooo beautiful!! I do bring my workout gear and plan runs, but I don’t usually do any strength or cross training aside from the usual crunches/lunges/planks/squats. I love that you took the Shred but I would be WAY too self conscious to do it outside for all to see. You are brave!

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