Buddy Run


Every day that I have been a part of TEAM IN TRAINING I find out one more thing that I love about it. Not only is this organization raising money and awareness for an unbelievable cause, but motivating individuals of all kinds to accomplish things that may seem impossible.

One of the things that they have incoporated in our training is the Monday night optional ‘buddy runs’. Basically another training day in which you may find fellow TNT’ers running.

Cuz if you are you like me, you would rather run in the blazing heat with a buddy then do it all alone.

So today I finally took advantage of the buddy system, because it was slim to none that I was going to motivate myself to run in the 90 degree weather solo.

Okay, so don’t be fooled I did run with my bestie Maria. But there was one more that joined in the fun, she just didn’t want her picture taken.

We chose to keep it simple and run 20 mins out and 20 back. Due to the heat, we wanted to do a quickie.

Looking at the sweaty mess of this picture I will opt to say that it wasn’t quick enough as I was sweating buckets.

Total Distance:  4 miles  |  Total Time:  44.20 minutes

I think the even cooler thing about these so called buddy runs, is the fact that no matter who you are running with they are a new friend. You are working together for a cause bigger than yourself. Which is such an incredible feeling.

When our magical purple TNT bracets united our super powers went into effect.

We are super hero’s – saving lives with every run.


14 thoughts on “Buddy Run

  1. I love the buddy run concept! I’m with you – I would almost ALWAYS prefer t run with a buddy in the heat (or rain or snow or…) than solo at a better time.

  2. I like this buddy run concept especially on a hot day when it’s so hard to get out for that run. If you’re not alone in that, it makes it easier.

  3. stumbled upon your blog during marathon research (I’m training for my first one now) and love reading about all of your training and determination. I MUST try one of these green monsters now.

    Good luck with the training! I myself am looking forward to making the double digits in the next few weeks for the first time ever.

    • Thank you for stopping by! And congrats on your first marathon. Which one are you doing? Good luck on running your first double-digit run. A whole other door opens after the first double-digit. I swear- everything actually feels like it’s accomplishable at that point. Well let me know if I can help in any way, I am still learning as I go too.

      • I live in Hawaii so I’m signed up for the Honolulu Marathon. (I know, poor me right?) The good news is that I get to train and acclimate in the awesome weather we have here. I will let you know how the double digit run goes.

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