I’ve taken to the hills


Did I mention that yesterday was hell hill training day?

Well before I tell you how it went, let me share an email that I received yesterday from my TNT Coach to get me pumped:

And, so it begins. It’s time for HILL TRAINING!!!! I know that all of you just can’t wait to get started. I’m not going to lie to you, hill training is an intense workout. I want you to push yourselves. You may not like me very much at the time, but come event day you will be thanking me, I promise. As a great coach of mine would always say, “Hills are a training opportunity.” The training is designed to help you to improve strength, endurance, and speed. I hope to see you all out there.

What a way to get psyched about running up hills.

But he is right, hills are a training opportunity and come game day I will be so glad that I went out into the blistering heat to run hill repeats with my TEAM.

So the TEAM met up at the most hilly park in Boise, called Camel’s Back park. It’s humpy like a camel. 🙂

We started our run by doing a half mile warm up through some trails. I was already dying by the end of the warm-up and can honestly say I was really intimidated by the big hill we were supposed to climb 3 times after.

I took a deep breath and began the uphill battle. 


I huffed and puffed and reached the top. Whew! Running down was my favorite part.

I managed 3 hill repeats without dying. I looked to my TNT friend Jen and said, “wanna do one more?” and of course she said “yeah!”.

So I overachieved and did 4 total hill repeats followed by a cool down run that was the same as the warm-up.

It ended up being right around 3 miles of running total.

What I am learning in this process of marathon training, is to push myself. Every new distance I run and every big hill I climb, it’s just one more battle I have conquered.

I had no idea when I started training for this that I would be conquering so many fears. It’s almost daily that I am forced to tell myself that It’s going to be okay, and that afterwards I am going to so much stronger.

What do you tell yourself to get through the workouts/runs that seem impossible at the time? 

19 thoughts on “I’ve taken to the hills

  1. I have had soo many workouts where it seems darn near impossible at the start, and the next thing you know you are flying through it and going back for more. Way to go, girl!!!

  2. Awesome hill training! I secretly LOVE training hills after their over… your body is actually less sore than if you just did a flat path. 🙂 AND you work your heart really hard, which gives you better endurance for races!

  3. I am so impressed you ran up that gigantic hill! 4 times?!?! Awesome :).
    When the workout feels impossible, I usually tell myself, “you never would have gotten this far if you let this feeling defeat you…don’t start now.”
    In the past year, going from running one, breathless 0.25 mile to running a half marathon, it’s done the trick every. single. time.

  4. I can’t believe you went back for more! You are so in the zone! When I’m getting my ass kicked on a run, my mantra is usally “You’re not gonna die, you’re not gonna die, you’re not gonna die”. I can get a little dramatic and I have to remind myself that it’s ok to be uncomfortable – it won’t kill me.

  5. Great job with the hills! I don’t like hills.. I tend to avoid them : ) But obviously necessary in training.
    I didn’t know you lived in Boise! My friend from school lives there!

  6. That looks tough! Great job!! When something gets tough for me, I just try to repeat to myself what all I’ve accomplished so far and that I can push for a little bit more.

  7. hills are horrible. but they are soooo helpful.
    during my first half marathon, there was this huge hill and I was dying. i didn think i can do it. i wanted to stop and just sit down. but then, i saw someone with a big sign that said ‘hills build character’. and it seemed like that sign was just for me, and me alone.

    now, everytime i run a hill and i wanna stop, i say those words to myself: “hill build character”

    so, linzi, every hill u run will add a bit to ur character.
    good job, twin!

    ps. we need to do another fruity friday soon!!!!!

  8. Awesome job linzi! That hill looks intense! I’ve done some hill repeat workouts before and they are so difficult- but you feel accomplished afterwards! When I come to a point where I’m feeling like I can’t go on, I tell myself that my body likes to be challenged and it is a privilege to be able to run and engage in this activity. It usually works!

  9. Awesome! Hill repeats are a love/hate thing – I hate it while I’m doing it, but I love how good they are for you and how much you improve from them. You won’t even realize how much they’re helping you until one day you’re running and someone complains about the hills on a course and you’re like “What hills?”.

  10. That sure is a huge hill! Well done Linz!

    Where I live there are no hills which is a pity because I know the importance of hill training. In fact I have a race in November called (freely translated) the 7 hills run 🙂 I need to drive to a forest nearby someday to train on hills.

    When I have a difficult workout to deal with I always say that I’m going to try it and f.e. can walk after 30 minutes of running if it’s difficult. Usually after 30 minutes I’m okay and go on or say 5 more minutes and then walk. Most of the time when I’m done I haven’t walked at all.

  11. Wow, great job on those hills! I would have been crying if it were me! 😀

    I tell myself “go big or go home.” When I do a given workout, I try to give it my all instead of just going through the motions. It’s talking myself into working out that I need to work on!

  12. hills are super tough. props to you for pushing through! And I find that running down is sometimes just as hard as running up because you have to keep yourself from falling and rolling all the way down!

  13. You are super awesome – great job on tackling that hill not once, not twice, but four freakin’ times!!That’s awesome!

  14. Great job – Congrats! When I feel like giving up, I ask myself “Who do you want to be?” Typically the answer is “Not a quitter.”

    Loving following you on this journey.

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