This one’s dirty


So there is some fun news on the Destination 26.2 front.

I typically try to keep the ole bloggo rated PG but there is going to be some filthy stuff going on over here.

Yup, so filthy, so dirty that you may even have to cover your eyes.

I fear that it might be too disgusting to even admit and for all your wondering eyes to read.

It’s seriously that dirty.

But it’s all in the name of FUN, right?

So here goes…..

I’m signing up for Boise’s first annual DIRTY DASH 10k!


Yup, come September 18th I plan to get my nastiest.

I don’t care how down and dirty we get because it’s going to be a darn good time.

Now the race is set-up like so:

And we will have a team of 5 of us running through this pig-pen.

I can hardly contain my excitement.

Just a few days ago Katie over at Legally Fit was describing her most recent MUD RUN experience.

I sat and sulked about how we don’t have cool races like that in Boise. Wahh..wahh….

Be careful what you wish for folks, because literally days later I saw that dirty little pig logo all over my Facebook page.

Before I could even look at my marathon training calendar, I was emailing people right and left trying to recruit my team.

We have a team! YAY!

So now all we need is a name!


Please leave your funny, dirty, creative, awesome, spunky…etc Team Name suggestions in the comment line. 

I will pick a winner by Friday A.M for a great prize!

Wooooo hoo! And just know the prize is in the nature of getting dirrrttty! 😉 (will reveal upon announcing the winner)


16 thoughts on “This one’s dirty

  1. We did a swamp romp this year and it was so much fun!

    Some suggestions on names? hmmm….
    Dirty Sanchez (or Muddy Sanchez) a little taboo, but funny nontheless.

    Mudder Fokkers

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    Muddy Buddies

  2. OOOH, now that sounds like a fun race!!


    Half a Dirty Dozen
    Nutty Mudders (off of Nutter Butters…)
    Dishin’ the Dirt

  3. Flying Pigs
    HoggABack girls (or guys) Like Hollaback?
    Here’s mud in your eye
    Muckin’ about

    I’m not very creative but the race sounds awesome! I seriously love getting gross and sweaty – make the post race/run shower that much better.

  4. JEALOUS!!! There’s an obstacle run in my area that I was super excited about BUT it’s the weekend before my marathon and I just don’t feel comfortable with that. Next year definitely!!

    How about:
    When Pigs Fly
    Mud, Sweat and Tears
    The Filthy Five
    Mud Slides
    Out For Mud

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