What goes up, must come down


Last night was hill training, part two. 

But there was no repeats, just running straight up this gawdawful thing.

I sound a bit whiny, I know, but it was hard.

We started out the night with a quick warm-up jog through a small trail. We were to run to the TEAM water jug, where our real journey would officially begin.

From the water jug we were to run for as far as we could go in 20 minutes, then turn around and come back.

It’s like as soon as my feet hit gravel uphill grade they didn’t want to move.

I felt more like I was doing 1:6 (running for 1 minute and walking for 6).

I could not catch my breath for the life of me.

I think it’s in my competitive nature though to not give up, so I would just power walk really fast when I didn’t think my legs could run.

I typically run on flat flat flat ground on normal training days. I’m also that girl who never adds any incline when on the shredmill either.

Woops! Apparently that is very very bad, because it made running up this upgrade a TON harder.

But I stuck with it. I kept trudging up that darn hill until garmina told me it had been 20 minutes!

Yes, while I stopped to catch my breath, I took a self-sweaty portrait.

And this awesome view of the city below.

The awesome view actually made me really happy and glad that I ran this far up so I could enjoy it.

Then began the downhill descent.

Down, Down, Down….

My legs just started going, and there was no way of stopping them.

I was going so fast, but it felt amazing.

I knew I probably should have slowed down a bit, but I was actually having fun for a moment.

Apparently I was going so fast that I reached the water jug (my starting point) with 7 more minutes left.

That’s right, it took me 20 minutes to get up, and only 13 minutes to come down.

After I finished up the cool-down run back to the start, the runners high kicked in.

I felt good, and felt like I had it in me to do it again.

Lucky me, we are running the same trail for our big 12 miler this weekend. 🙂

Anyways, I leave you with a picture of the peeps who did hill training. I’m in the back in the pink hat. LOL, this picture makes me look like I’m so short.


Dirty Dash Name that Team Contest:

You guys cracked me up with your name suggestions for my Dirty Dash 10k from yesterday’s post. They are all wonderful suggestions and once I have compiled them all, will send them to the team for a final vote.

But if you haven’t yet submitted a fun, silly, crazy, awesome team name suggestion you have until tomorrow morning! (leave it in on the comment line of yesterday’s post)

I will randomly choose a winner tomorrow and announce the prize giveaway!


11 thoughts on “What goes up, must come down

  1. Way to go on conquering that hill! Hill training tends to frustrate me a bit but I always feel better once it’s done. You are rocking the training!

  2. It WILL get easier!! Your legs will learnt o power up those hills without knocking all the wind out of you. It’ll still be hard, but not AS hard! Way to push it!!!

  3. that is 1 big hill! crazy! good job tho. it always feels so good running down the hill! hahha i love going fast, too!

    cant wait to hear what name u choose!

  4. Good job! Hills suck, but they make you such a better runner. Don’t underestimate running on loose gravel either. It’s a lot harder than pavement, and uphill to boot. You do that enough times and you will see your general pace pick up alot.

  5. Awesome hill training! I really need to do that too but I don’t have hills nearby. I have to drive somewhere and that goes kind of against my running nature 🙂 But I will have to find woods with hills soon and do some.

    In Belgium there are lots of hills and I did run there twice and downhill was awesome, I went like Speedy Gonzales and so did you yesterday.

    Well done Linz!

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