The Filthy Winner Is…


Well hello there! I didn’t forget about you all yesterday, I promise!

I am so excited about my upcoming Dirty Dash 10k! I think I’m so excited because well..

  1. I get to get dirty! Seriously, I’ve been wanting to mud run FOREVER!
  2. It’s a fun run. Fun girls, lots of mud, no pressure.

YAY! Now onto the winner of the Name my Dirty Dash Team Contest.

Everyone’s answers were hysterical and awesome and I just couldn’t pick a favorite. So I had to go to The True Random Number Generator for this one.

The big winner of today’s totally filthy yet awesome prize is……. (comment #7)

Bella from Running Hi  (YAY! Send me an email at destination26.2 at gmail dot com with your address)

What does our lovely winner get you ask?

None other than a 6 pack of SPORT WASH!

I know, I know… I said it was filthy, but it actually helps make you clean. 🙂

This stuff ROCKS on workout clothes. I ❤ this stuff and am so excited to give it to a fellow runner who can totally use and appreciate it!

Right on!

I’ll be back shortly with a complete recap of my 12 miles today! 😉 Stay tuned!!!

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