Totally 12


Twelve was awesome, it was amazing, it just was.

It’s 2 more miles than 10 and 1.10 less than a half-marathon.

So it’s kind of a tease if you ask me.

Honestly though, I was excited to do it this morning. Excited to mark it off the list and say “Oh yeah, I ran 12 miles today, no big deal”.

LOL. I’m still in the mentality that 12 miles is (and probably will ALWAYS be) a big deal.

Anyways, so I met up with my TEAM at 7:00 am for the official run. I was sad that my marathon training pal Maria would not be there, but so glad that my new two TEAM friends Victoria & Jen were there!

I was prepared to run by myself, but was secretly hoping to tag along with them.


The run went fine until we hit between mile 4 & 5 where the big hill… (remember this from weds?) came back into play.

UGH! Once again my run:walking ratio switched drastically to walking with a hint of running.

This tells me I need some SERIOUS hill practice and stat!

We got to the top and had a quickie water break. The team waterjug made me laugh.

It was a lot more funny after reaching the top let me tell you. But I still won’t say I ❤ hills.

Then it was several miles down hill through a beautiful neighborhood. It was like icing on the cake. Ahh… 🙂

We kept at a pretty good constant pace for the next bit.

It truly wasn’t until mile 8-9 that we took a break and walked. That is when the mile 9 syndrome kicked in though.

My body starts hurting, my blisters on my feet were killing, but we were soooooo close to the finish.

For dramatic effect I knew you would want to see my picture.

The blister is where the red spot is around my arch. It doesn’t look that bad, but I had one on each foot. 😦

Anyways, I chowed down some GU CHOMPS around this time too. I figured a little more energy would get through mile 9 syndrome with no probs. It worked wonders!

Today we were running 9 minutes with a 1 minute walking break. I liked this one a lot, but honestly I think we finished pretty close to the time we would have finished with our 6:1 .

Right after mile 11, Jen and Victoria were a bit farther ahead of me. So it was just me, running the last bit alone. I desparately wanted to walk, but knew I couldn’t cheat myself the last little bit. I hung in there. Right until we reached the ending point where the rest of the TEAM was gathered and doing post stetching.

I snapped this photo of garmina. A little sad that it doesn’t quite say 12 but there was one water break I stopped my watch at and ran a few minutes without turning it back on. So deep in my heart I know I ran 12.


Total Distance: 12 miles  |  Total Time:  roughly 2 hours 35 minutes

I was so excited to celebrate this milestone and knew the perfect way…. with a smoothie of course!

A new Smoothie shop called TREE CITY just opened up in town and I knew that would be the perfect reward!

I ended up going with the drink called HIGHER GROUNDS

  • Organic cold-pressed espresso
  • non-fat vanilla yogurt
  • non-fat milk
  • ground chocolate
  • whey protein

I had them add a banana, 2 handfuls of spinach and supplement booster of Women’s Vitamin Blend.

I got the weird face from the guy making my smoothie when I asked about spinach. Are you sure you want to mix it with chocolate and espresso? uh… DUH?!!

I informed him that I was kind of a pro at this and convinced him to try my smoothie afterwards. He was pleasantly surprised.

I am still sipping on this drink – it might have just been a little too sweet for my liking this morning. So glad I added the nanner and spinach though. I would go back, probably just order a fruit smoothie next time. It was the ESPRESSO that got me.

After you run 12 miles, you want food and coffee ASAP. So I figured why not eliminate a step?

Anyways… off to enjoy the rest of my lazy saturday!  Enjoy your weekend!

18 thoughts on “Totally 12

  1. congrats on the 12, twin! friggin awesome! u rock!
    i am off for my 12 miler today too. hopefully it will be a good one!
    hope u had a good weekend with lots of down-time after the run! yay!

  2. Way to go Linz, very well done!

    I notice that you use the run-walk-run method. Correct?
    I’ve started using that yesterday for my long run and I was 4 minutes faster than an 8K which I ran without walking. 4 minutes faster and only 3 minutes of walking during the run. I couldn’t believe it and will definitely continue this run-walk-run method.

  3. Too funny that the guy was weary about the spinach.

    Great job on the 12! My husband gets blisters in the same spot. Not sure why 😦 Hope they get better!

  4. Congrats on the 12-miler!!!

    One thing I have found is that the overall pace/time usually work out to be pretty even whether I run continuously or take walk breaks at various intervals. So just do what’s right for you!

  5. I love that smoothie place! We should totally go there soon. They even have sandwiches and stuff so we could go for lunch. You rocked 12 miles… congrats!

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