Busy bee


I wanted to explain that my blogging (and commenting) has been a wee-bit sporadic lately.

Things are moving quickly over here! There is lots of running going on (obviously). As it may seem that is the only thing going on in these parts, I also have a big job ahead of me to raise $3200 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to run in The Nike Marathon in October.

So I’ve been a busy hosting yardsales, planning charity beer nights as well as a fashion show all for the cause!

So far so good!

I have officially reached my half-way point in training and in fundraising. So the next two months should be a breeze?

Or technically, I could have the biggest challenge ahead of me.

I’m not really scared anymore about running 14 miles or 16 miles because really, that’s just a few more than 12 right?

So that means that 26.2 is in the bag!

But the fundraising has been a lot of work. It’s really, truly HARD to ask people for money. But it’s been a pleasantly surprising experience too.

I personally know how hard it is to spare some extra mula. But I am seriously in such utter amazment at how generous and awesome people are being.

Of course, I know that it is to support me and this amazing adventure I have signed myself up for. But more than that it is for a great cause.

I am reminded every single day that I am so blessed to be alive, healthy and happy.

I appreciate all the love and support  I have received through this process and know there is so much more of this journey left.

Thank you for every kind word, every motivating comment and your financial support as I could not do this without you.

So I leave you with that as I am off to work a little more on our upcoming fundraising event… Kegs For A Cause!

Who wouldn’t want to drink a beer to support cancer research, I mean really?

8 thoughts on “Busy bee

  1. I love the charity you’ve chosen Linz. I’ve lost my Dad to cancer so I support you big time on this one.
    Every year I collect money for the cancer foundation in Holland. I have a few streets in my neighbourhood where I go by the houses and ask for money. Sometimes it’s difficult but it’s for a good cause and almost everyone gives some money to me.

    Good luck on getting the final amount but I’m sure you will.

  2. i love all that you have been doing. i will donate money as well. i am just waiting for a few personal things to clear up and then hopefully, ill have some money to donate.

    great job, twin!

  3. I know right? When did 16 miles start sounding like a breeze? I thought I was going a little crazy over here – thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone!

    Hey, felow bloggers! I donated and you should too!! And just so you know, Linzi donated to my cause back in May, so I know she’s legit. Give and you shall recieve, right? 🙂

    Linzi, I’m not sure if this would work for you, but as I got closer to my deadline and still had a gap, I approached my employer. I told them how much I had rasised, how much I had to go and what my plans were to decrease the defecit over the upcoming weeks. Then I asked if they would consider donating any difference I didn’t manage to get on my own by the deadline. And would you believe they did it?! They had one stipulation: I had to win the race or I had to give the money back. Thank goodness they were joking! 🙂

  4. Running for something bigger than yourself is always an amazing experience, and you’ve picked a great cause. I hope all your fundraisers turn out AMAZING!! :]

  5. As someone with a background in nonprofit fundraising, just keep in mind: on average you need to ask someone SIX TIMES before they remember to donate. SIX TIMES! Don’t be afraid to ask, ask, and ask again!

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