Taking it to the Track, YO!


Before I could even meet up with the TEAM to run last night, I meandered on over to The Melting Pot to support a fellow TNTer Jen at her fundraiser. Who could resist complimentary vino and fondue?


Okay… so I stared at the overflowing basket of wines.

I watched as the other patrons were sipping their crisp glasses of Viogner and Pinot Noir. I sniffed in the sweet fumes from the crushed grapes and longed to taste but just a drop on my tongue.

I have to admit that it was hard to watch as others joyfully drank glass after glass while I secretly sulked with my lemon water.

But I was there to support a fellow TNTer in spirit, not to get tipsy off sweet delicious wine.

So I just kept topping off my water glass every time I felt tempted to wander to the wine area.

And managed to fill the void with cheesy fondue.

Oh yes and fill the void I did.

I watched as the clock inched closer and closer to gametime.

Eeek… I sure hope all that cheese can withstand my first night of SPEEDWORK training on the track with my TEAM.

I am so proud of myself. Proud that I was able to hold out to tempation. I knew if I even had one glass of wine I would not make it to the track and things are gettin’ serious up in here. Yup, I didn’t want to miss our first track meet-up. So I stood up to temptation and won. WOo hoo!

Anyways, I met up with the team and we began our track workout with a warm-up mile run.

Then all flashbacks of FitClub Bootcamp were memories dancing in my head and stinging in my quads.

Oweee… Lunges and high knees and butt kickers, Oh my!

Then speedwork drills started.

  • 100 yard sprint/ 100 yard recovery x 2
  • 200 yard sprint/ 200 yard recovery x 2
  • 800 yard sprint
  • one mile cool-down run

All and all it ended up being around 3.25 miles of running and whole lotta sweating!

Whew! I survived yet another wednesday night TEAM test.

I call it a test, because hill training and speed training are new to me. I’m always a bit apprehensive at first, but after one go around I’m like BRING IT ON YO!

If you could only do one: Would you rather run hill training or speedwork?

I think I am leaning toward speedwork, but I gotta get unafraid of those darn hills, some day soon. The Nike Marathon is quite HILLY from what I hear!


Well, I’m happy to say I will not be blogging tomorrow as a very very special person is going to be taking up ALL my time. How I went 29 days without his sweet, loving face, I HAVE NO IDEA.

Welcome Home J. Alabama!! I missed you like 10000000 million times infinity + 1.


8 thoughts on “Taking it to the Track, YO!

  1. Hmmm. I look forward to hill training and speedwork for different reasons. Hills are great becuase I can do hill repeats in my neighborhood which is nice and convenient. Speedwork is awesome becuase I feel like it’s over so quickly!

    Way to resist temptation!! I would have had a WAY harder time avoiding the fondue than the wine though. 🙂

  2. Good job! I think I’d rather do hill training. Somehow I find it easier to muscle through a hill than to push myself for speed.

    Enjoy your day with your hunny.

  3. yay for resisting tempation! It’s sooo hard to say no to wine (or in my case, beer)

    I’d much rather do hill work because I can do it at my own pace, no pressure!

  4. Great job!! I would definitely pick speed work. Mainly because it can be done on a treadmill and for some reason the time flies why I do intervals ..and running uphill hurts my shins

  5. I pick speedwork at this point as I’ve never done hill training as I live in a non-hills area and need to find a track where I can practice them.

    Well done on passing the wine, don’t know if I would be as strong as you as I love my wine 😆

    Have fun today with your sweetheart. He must be proud of you of what you’ve accomplished with your running in the past 29 days. I know I am.

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