Life is Good

Do you ever just wake up in the morning thinking LIFE IS GOOD?

Well, I did this morning.

Maybe I’m still high on life from my double work-out yesterday? Who knows.

As per monday ritual (this was our second time), I met up with my friend Brooke for a lovely morning run. Yesterday’s run was even more tricky that last week’s as we met up at 5:45 am (yes it was still dark outside) and we were running in new territory.

We took it to the trails which is not my norm, but took it as challenge. Boy am I glad I did!

If you look closely you can see us hiding. There was the most beautiful scene of the river behind us, but apparently my camera did not capture much.

I think trail running should be my new preferred running terrain. It’s not as HARD as running up hills, but not as easy as paved green belt.

We end up chatting it up while running for about 50 minutes until we reached the end of our loop.

We both still had energy to do more, so decided to extend our loop next time.

Aww… another sweaty post run picture. It wasn’t so dark outside by this time.

What are your thoughts about running before the sun comes up? (We all know Marlene is a rockstar and can get up to run at 3:30 am! But still?)

I would typically say HELL to the NO! But beating the 90+ degree heat and the promise of a friend to run with me made me change my mind. You should try it if you can!



After work I was feeling antsy… like I needed to do something. Apparently my mind and body had forgotten ALL about our pre-sun run. So I geared up for the gym and decided to do a bit of lifting.

J. Alabama so kindly wrote me an arm lifting routine over the weekend so I put it to the test.

My favorite part was the fact that he drew little pictures!

I get SO confused when it comes to chest press, chest flies, kickbacks… What does that mean?

So his handly little stick figure people showed me what exercise was what and how to do them.

Oh, and the little cheering girl saying YEAH is supposed to be me celebrating the fact that I finished the workout.

His arm workout left me sore this morning. Sore, sore, sore. That means we did good!

Tonight’s adventures once again take us to the Hills! Woooo hooo!!

In Other News:

Do you all recall the day I went on my 12 miler awesome run and treated myself with a delicious Spinach Espresso Smoothie?

Well that smoothie place TREE CITY is in the running for The Best of Boise Awards. You know these are voted on by people like you…. so go ahead. Take a few moments and head on over to Best of Boise 2010 (you do have to create a log-in account) and vote for them for the Best Frozen Treat in Boise.  Please, let’s support a LOCAL healthy establishment.


8 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. I seriously wish I could rise before the sun and workout, shower and eat breakfast. I’m off during the summer since I’m a teacher and I’ve been sleeping in till 8 or 9.

    I love chest moves. I learned via Sparkpeople. They have some great how-do videos. (Not as cute as J. Alabama’s drawings!

  2. i love train running! i am even doing a 5 mile train race in september.

    and congrats on waking up early and getting out there. i still need to learn to do that. HELP!!!

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    I have really learned to love my morning runs. It’s so quiet and I love to see the sunrise!

    Way to rock the early run!!

  4. You are a machine lately girl! Look at you go. I totally love trail running. However I don’t feel safe doing it alone unless it’s a very, very busy trail – so I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like. I think I’d be much more apt to do morning runs if I had someone to do them with. On my own is much too boring to inspire me to get out of bed early. So nice though when you’re workout is overwith and in the evening if you feel up to it you can sneak in an extra session. That’s always a great bonus.

  5. Well done Linz!

    3.30 am is really really early 🙂

    I do my runs in the morning these days. I get up at 5.15 am and am outside at 5.30 am. The past two weeks I’ve noticed the sun isn’t completely up yet and it won’t be long before it’s dark when I go out. I need to figure out what to do then. I’m not afraid but it’s more that my routes where I run haven’t got street lights so it’s dark. I think I will stay around my village then where there are lights because the benefits or running early in the morning are more important to me than running in daylight.

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