The Hill of Life


So as you probably gathered from my last post my training scheduled called for hills yet again.

Last night we were faced with one big old huge hill.

But as I ran up that hill I kept relating it to the hill of my life.

The constant uphill and downhill battle.

The action of the climb starts out with excitement and determination as you take your first steps up the base.

Further up the hill, you are faced with a few challenges and some negative thoughts.

Omigawsh it’s really hot out here. I don’t know if I can do this. My body is sore. I’m not mentally ready to take on this hill. (This is in relation to different challenges we face throughout our day and lives. A constant struggle to get through and keep pushing when times are tough. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude, but you realize you are stronger than you think).

Once you get closer the top you know it’s possible. You are so darn close and no matter what you aren’t stopping. (This relates to achieving goals.)

The top is something that we strive to reach. And during my hill repeats I hit 6 times.

But let me be honest with you, each time I had to start all over again I had the same negative thoughts pulling me back. But I just kept chugging along, just like the little engine that could. I think I can, I think I can… Because once I reached the top it was smooth sailing from there.

The run down the backside of the hill was glorious. The wind in my hair and the sense of accomplishment that I had made it up that hill one more time.

Each time up the hill was a littler easier than the last.

In life we are faced with obstacles and challenges that are hard to deal with. Sometimes you just have to take baby steps. But if you believe in yourself and you keep strong you will achieve your goal.

The hill of life is also relatable to this marathon I am training for. The downhill run is turning into my fun short runs. The easy run days that I look forward too. The uphill battle is the looming long runs that happen on the weekend.

I am still apprehensive about running 14, 16, 18 + miles, but each time I get a little closer the to the goal I realize it is that much more achievable.

So last night’s hill repeats were  a lesson in believing in myself, keeping strong, and not giving up. It would have been so easy to quit running up that hill because it was hard, but honestly that is exactly why I needed to do it.

Life is not easy. And unfortunately it’s usually the HARD things that make us who we are.

I believe in taking the bad and analyzing the good from it. Because every challenge makes us stronger. And every time you are being pulled back, it takes that much more effort to push through. And once you have pushed through you end up stronger and ahead in the end.

I challenge you to push through your hill of life and keep on strong. Whatever challenges you are facing, it will be okay in the end. Just don’t give up on yourself and you will amaze yourself.


11 thoughts on “The Hill of Life

  1. I think every blogger must know that I am having one of those days where I need a good swift kick. Thank you for such an inspiring post!

    And good for you for tackling those hills, physical and the “life” hill!

  2. good job hun!
    i need to get back on those hills too!

    life is a rollercoster ride…as is marathon training. there are many ups and downs….. so true.

    14 miles on the menu this week. i guess when doing my marathon plan, i kinda copied some of urs. hahah.
    i think we can both kick 14s a$$! hhahahah
    happy wednesday!

  3. What an inspiring post and so true! Thank you Linz, you made me think about this.

    I’m a positive person by nature and always try to see the positive but sometimes even for me life is a big hill and I have to climb it.

    Well done on the hill! You totally rocked it!

  4. Great post, I like how you compared hill workouts to life – it’s so true! I have a lot of trouble with negative thoughts sometimes, I think every runner does. The important part is not to let them take over and find ways to push the negative thoughts away

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