Operation Beautiful


After a long productive and fun evening I came home to discover a brown amazon box on my doorstep.

I was so excited when I remembered that it was my copy of Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful.

I have been  inspired by her blog Healthy Tipping Point and couldn’t be happier for her that her dreams of writing a book is a reality.

Also, I truly believe in her mission of ending Fat Talk forever and being happy with your beautitul self just the way you are.

So naturally I ripped opened the book and read through at least 1/3 of the book last night before my little eyes could not take it anymore. It was past midnight and this tired girl needed some ZZZ’s!

But it wasn’t before I skimmed through the book and saw my own name in the middle of the book that it became sureal.

It feels so long ago that Caitlin was talking about the Energy Vampires in our lives. I remember thinking about different situations in my life that I had felt my energy sucked out by others.

What I realized about myself through answering the question of how energy vampires effect us, is that I can not rely on someone else for my own happiness or my own success.

It wasn’t until I got rid of the excuses and the things that were holding me back that I truly began to grow and actually make forward progress.

I almost had tears in my eyes last night because though at the time I knew what I meant when I sent her that email so so long ago, it didn’t hit me until last night that I had actually followed my own advice and was on the success train.

I have not reached ALL my goals, heck most of my fitness goals are still in the baby steps stage, but the key was that I took responsibility for own life.

I didn’t blame long hours at work for being the reason I was too tired to workout after work. I no longer skipped my workouts to drink wine with friends, I instead post-poned the wine nights until AFTER said workout.

And I no longer relyed on anyone else to get my body moving. It’s scary when you first join a gym, or begin a new training program.

I was scared to run outside by myself for the longest time, and told myself that I would only run outside with a friend. Well this was truly sabataging my own sucess as I would have way less opportunities to run outside if I was sitting around waiting for a running buddy.

By re-reading this small excerpt I was inspired by my own willingness to make changes in my life and to keep up the momentum. Remembering where I started was an interesting experience, but realizing how far I have come in a year and a half is something to celebrate!

So I urge you, if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Caitlin Boyle’s book Operation Beautiful.

It will inspire you.

It’s made up of short stories and inspiring notes and words from people all over the world.

I think that it what is so unique about it. It’s not just about Caitlin’s story, it’s about everyone’s story. Successes and failures, but together we can all overcome any obstacle in life and see the beauty in everything and most importantly OURSELVES.

Make it a great day! And to you I leave you with this beautiful note:


9 thoughts on “Operation Beautiful

  1. Operation Beautiful is so inpiring and sends such a strong message! I didn’t even realize it was a book… I’ll have to check that out. How cool that you are featured!

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  3. Great post Linz. The book sounds really interesting.

    I am especially touched by this sentence:

    I didn’t blame long hours at work for being the reason I was too tired to workout after work. I no longer skipped my workouts to drink wine with friends, I instead post-poned the wine nights until AFTER said workout.

    Here’s a point that can be learned by me from you. I still use this excuse today. Not concerning my runs but going to the gym. It made me realize that this has to stop and I’m going to work at it too.


  4. Wow! That is so cool that you are featured in there! And of course, that you used the power within you to make the changes and live a happy, healthy lifestyle!

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