The FAB 14


Wow, is all that I have words to say right now.

The past few days have seriously been a whirlwind of awesomeness.

Let’s start off with today’s 14 miler. Yes, I just finished the LONGEST run of my life thus far and surpassed the half-marathon point all together.

{We are doing 7 +7 = 14 }

Yup, we rocked it though. It was sad though when I woke up this morning to a dead garmin. I seriously almost cried. How can I run 14 miles without garmina?

I was worried that without knowing what mile marker we were at that it was going to mentally be harder. But actually it was quite freeing to run 14 miles and have no freaking clue as to how far or fast you are going.

Lucky for me, Jen was there with her Nike Plus and a good attitude! We are the Fab 14 miler rockstars now!

So I would guesstimate that we ran 14 miles in around 3.5 ish hours.

That is simply mind-blowing to think that my body has been constantly moving and sweating for 3+ hours in a row.

After our hard but awesome run Jen showed me a few yoga-esque stretch moves to help with my screaming hip flexors. They were so tight and it was almost hard to walk to the car.

 I sure hope this works! Besides the tightness I had no other major issues, not even blisters like last time.

I just surpassed half-marathon status like a true champ!

So naturally to celebrate, I awarded myself a special treat.

Oh Tree City, how you make me feel so much better after these LONG runs!

Today’s smoothie of choice was a mixture of pineapple juice & fruit, raspberries, yogurt, bananas and protein powder. (Can you believe it, I forgot to ask them to add in the spinach…..oopsies). It was a delicious after long run recovery treat! MMMMMMMMMM!!

And now I sit here blogging away while using frozen peaches and stir fry to ice my shins.

To recap one more exciting piece of news….I have officially recommitted to my marathon.

Now this may sound a little strange at first, but during the Team In Training process we are training up until the half-way point. At this half-way point we are able to change our mind. This could be for those who are injured, who haven’t reached their personal fundraising goals, or those who just have a lot going on.

Cuz marathon training is no slice of cake people. This training has me out running at a minimum of 6+ hours per week (not including cross training). And that does not include the hours of fundraising for myself.

It’s been a tough job this far, but it’s been an amazing experience that I would never want to change. So this leads me to the recommitting topic.

I recommitted… yes, I know you all didn’t think I was going to drop out or anything but I have reached almost $2200 in my fundraising efforts (THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT) and as of today hit the 14 miler mark. So I didn’t even hesitate when the papers showed up and I was asked to sign the dotted line.


And I can’t even tell you how excited  I was to cross off that FULL MARATHON box.

It’s officially official now. 🙂

Thank you all again for your kind words of support as I continue to train for the biggest race of my life. And not only is this huge because it’s 26.2 miles, but the fundraising aspect mixed in with personal accomplishment is making it all the merrier!

Happy running friends! I’m off to BEER FEST!


19 thoughts on “The FAB 14

  1. You are so inspiring Linzi!!!! I love reading your posts. My hip flexors were also screaming at me, so maybe next run I’ll have to do some of those moves =) Keep running! You are awesome!!!

  2. Well done Linz! You’re such an inspiration. What I like most about you is your smile after every long run you took. That’s the attitude.

    And yes, there was never a doubt you wouldn’t go all the way to a full marathon. If anyone can do it, it’s you!

    Thanks for inspiring and motivating me!

  3. Yay! Congrats on deciding to go the whole way.

    And way to rock that 14-miler. I am going to have to borrow that hip flexor move. Thanks for showing the pic!

  4. twin, u did awesome!!!! that is so fantastic. unfortunately, i had to change my 14 miler to next week, and upped it to 15 instead. just got back from the cottage and there is no way i can squeeze in 14 miles at almost 6pm.
    but i am super excited for u and cannot wait to do my long run.
    its unbelievable what our bodies can do for that long, eh??? love it!!

    i am very proud of u!!! good job!

    • I did a gu at mile 4, a handful of chomps at mile 8 and another gu at 11. I’m not sure if that was enough but I felt fine. I also drank my whole camel bak dry and then some.

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  6. AWESOME!!! I bow to you. You are just doing amazing and should be so, so, SO proud of yourself. I’m going to try your stretches. I’ve been having some hip pain lately and perhaps it’s my flexors.

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