Rocky Style


Happy Thursday Friends! This week has flown right on by!

Here is a little peak at what I have been up to the last few days…

Monday Night’s Keg For a Kause Event to help raise money for The Leukemia & Lypmhoma Society!

We raised roughly $800 for our fundraiser but the exact total is still unknown so it could totally be more!


 We drank for the Kause and had a TON of fun!


I think the coolest part is that I am so close to reaching my fundraising goals. I have a little less than $900 to raise which I feel is totally doable.

Then last night I met up with Bestie Maria yet again and this time we were able to get to runnin’!

We busted out a nice 4 miler in around 45 minutes. It was dark, stormy and rainy right before we went to run. I was actually looking forward to the refreshing rain on my face and then the sky miraculously opened up and the sun came out. It was lovely but very muggy.

We are Marathon Bound! Yes, that’s right we have both re-commited to the big MARATHON and are ready ready ready to run!

Speaking of running…

My awesome, sweet, totally rad little brother, has completely inspired me YET AGAIN.

So back a long long time ago, in this post to be exact, my brother decided that with all my running he wanted to do it too.

It wasn’t until Monday though that I have really seen him so excited about it. On monday night  his roommate won a complimentary team entry in Boise’s Dirty Dash 10k race at our Kegs For a Kause raffle.  So naturally he recruited my bro to be on his team, or more so my brother said “Dude, I’m totally there!”.

Anyways, I have seen him all over Facebook stating his excitement to run in his first race ever! He is going to tackle this beast of a mudrun as his first ever race. I LOVE IT!

He even texted me yesterday “I challenge you to get me ready for the dash. I’m ready”

I love me a challenge.

The Boy has a little over a month to prepare and I think it’s going to have to go down Rocky Style!

Yup, I am cooking up a plan that is going to kick it up a notch into high gear.

Oh little brother, I hope you are ready for the Dirty Dash Wrath I am bringing. Oh yes, it may be hard, it may be painful, but you are going to rock your first race like a champ!

So wish The Boy luck as he gets ready to take on this challenge. And how darn cool that we are both doing the same race?!

Any tips and pointers for a first time racer? I know I can remember my first race like it was yesterday, but I want to hear it from you!


9 thoughts on “Rocky Style

  1. Congrats on the awesome fundraising at your event!

    Also exciting news that little bro is officially IN for his first race. Sounds like it will be a good one… most likely a fun and more relaxed atmosphere than your typical race. Have fun getting him into shape!

  2. Girl!! That is so great. Love you guys. No WAY would I (could I) do that, but I’d sure as heck be cheering you on at the finish line and make you guys some dope Hello Kitty waffles afterwards to celebrate! CARBS!!!!!

  3. I have been SO PROUD OF YOU as I’ve been catching up on your long runs!!! GREAT JOB! Isn’t running with a team so great?!?

    $900 is totally doable…let me know if you need any tips! 🙂 Good luck!

  4. How cool that you inspired your brother to run too. My sister in law started running a few months ago too and we’re doing a race together in September with her 2 daughters of 12 and 14.

    Hmmm I’m thinking about preparing for my first race but can’t think of anything else but train, train, train.

  5. Yay for your brother getting into running! I love seeing people start to run because of other in their life. It is so inspiring! My most helpful thing to remember was that it was about bettering myself- not comparing my times to others, etc. He will be great!

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