Workin’ hard to play hard!


It seems as though the harder I work these days the harder I have been playing. I guess that just means I am balancing my life well these days?

I managed to squeeze in an 8.5 miler run on saturday morning. This one was split into three parts.

Part 1: I met up with my bestie Maria and we ran 2.75 miles together before meeting up with the TEAM.

Part 2: We met up with our Team in training friends and started off on a lovely run. I did another 2.5 miles then said goodbye to my teammates and continued on solo.

Part 3: Yes, the rest was solo and it was awesome!

I don’t think I have ever split up a run like that, and it made each leg seem as if I was starting fresh and made the time fly right on by!

The reason for leaving my TEAM was I was heading on out to a WINE TOUR.

Yup, last weekend it was 14 miles and The Beer Fest, this past weekend was 8.5 miles and a Wine Tour. Don’t be worried about my sudden indulgance of alcoholic beverages, it just so happened that both events fell on back to back weekends. But I guess knowing that it didn’t interefere with my running at all made it all the merrier!

Do you work hard to play hard?  After these two weekends, I am going back to just working hard with a lot less playing. But it was nice a break!


Awhile back, I mentioned I joined a group called The Boise Young Proffessionals this group is made up of all professionals in the Boise area between the ages of 21-40.

It’s been a great organization to be a part of, they do monthly luncheons, leadership seminars, and the infamous BYP Wine Tour!

So I wasn’t about to miss my chance to meet and mingle with a bunch of new people all while touring a few local wineries.

After my awesome run on saturday I loaded the bus! I was excited to see the fun swag that was waiting for us as loaded the bus.  

We quickly arrived at our first destination… Indian Creek Winery located in Kuna Idaho.

Did I mention that my brother came along too? This was part of his Rocky training… sort of?! 🙂  

We were immediately greeted by the wine maker himself and he had a full array of wines and mini quiche bites ready for our group.

I guess 10:00 am was not too early to start the wine tasting!


I was really impressed with the peacefulness of this winery. The landscaping was beautiful and the hospitality of the wine makers were great!


We indulged in a little bit of red and a little bit of white. I think my favorite wine from this winery was called the Late Harvest, more of a really really sweet Reisling.

 My brother and I taking our first pic of the day.

We loaded back into the bus and headed out to a winery I had never even heard of, but was so glad to find! I’m calling Fujishan Family Cellars a little hidden gem.


This winery was housed in a building that also sells fruit & vegetables. So it looked more like a fruit stand on the outside than a winery. But to our surprise they had LOTs of wine of different wines to taste. And let me tell you, I was really really impressed by the tastes!

This is Martin the winemaker himself. He was giving us Wine 101.  


He explained that by swirling the wine in the wine glass it helps to air out the wine. Which in turns give us a better taste of the wine. He even suggested that this could be done with whites and reds. I had only heard of swirling red wines before.


Here is a classic photo from Winery Stop number 3. Ahh yes, the wine maybe kicking in at this point. It’s hard to tell. 🙂 

Our third stop landed us at Coyote Fine Wines on The Creek (in Caldwell). Yet another new place I had never heard of.

It was a cute little wine tasting room that housed three different Idaho Winerys. A fun way to try many different growers without having to drive far.

Apparently my camera ate the pictures from the fourth stop, all that was left was this picture of barrels. We arrived at our final destination of Wood River Cellars.

We had a grand tour of the inside of the winery and full blown wine tasting afterward. And I mean we probably tasted 10 different wines.

By that point the run and the three other wineries were starting to blend together. I was glad to have been on this wine trip, but surely glad to go home and relax for the rest of the weekend.

It was a super fun time and I met a lot of really cool people too!

Now that I have played really hard for the past two weekends, it is time to focus on the prize. That’s right…. the finish line.

This coming weekend calls for the 16 miler and I’m going to need to be 100%.

So I am laying off the wine, the beer, and all things unhealthy. It’s time to really focus on what’s important. And that is the Marathon!

Happy Running!!


14 thoughts on “Workin’ hard to play hard!

  1. Ooh, I’m so envious of your wine tour — it looks like so much fun!
    I had to laugh when I read you guys started at 10am. It’s all about how you phrase it: it’s classy if you’re drinking at 10am for a wine tasting, but if you’re just drinking at home at 10am, you’re a lush ;).

  2. Great run!

    I love wine tours, I’ve taken a few during holidays in Italy. I do think that that wine there is very expensive.

    And you’re right to combine work and play. If we don’t play life would be so boring.

  3. 10 am is the perfect time to start wine tasting! very fun!

    and good job on ur long(ish) run. thats awesome, twin!!

    and u will rock ur 16 miler this weekend. just dont be like me and forget to buy things for energy!! u will do great

  4. The wine touring sounds so fun. I wonder if we could ever get a big enough group to go? Is the serious hangover factor contributing to lay off the booze or is it solely for running purposes :)?

  5. I definitely have a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality and it gets the best of me sometimes. When I think about what I do sometimes it makes my head hurt. While normal college students might sleep till 11am on a Friday morning to prepare for a long night, I’m awake at 6am to run and work and then stay up way too late that night. But I find a balance (such as not going out the next night or something) and if it works for you that’s all that matters!
    I’m all for breaking up runs, great idea!

  6. It seems like the entire blog-world is going on winery tours right now. Of course, since I’m pregnant, I have to skip all the fun. But let me tell you…as soon as I pop this kid out I’m havin’ a glass of the good stuff!!

  7. I think it’s fantastic that you were able to stick to your running goals inspite of these weekend trips you had planned! I had a work hard/play hard month too and I was super proud of myself for keeping my diet clean on vacation and actually surpassing my milage goals while I was away. At this point I’ve already put months of sweat and tears into this little marathon project of mine and I’m not going to bag on it without a helluva good reason! Honestly, the temptation to splurge and be lazy was hardly even there. Gotta love that!

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