You know you’re training for a marathon if…


*Your weekly grocery run includes finding a store that also carries gu and gu chomps for your long  runs.

*Your friends start scheduling all fun get-togethers on Saturday evenings because they know you have to run early on saturday morning and will be laying low friday night in preparation.

*You are hungry ALL. THE. TIME.

*What used to be considered a long run (7-10 miles) is now short to you.

*The only summer clothes you have bought this year have wicking technology.

*Eating packets of salt sounded like something of a dare, but is now part of your long run ritual.

*Warm baths are a thing of the past, bring on the ice please!

*You point to your un-pedicured feet and point out all the blisters like they are medals from winning a race.

*The thought of running for several hours in a row is your idea of a good time.

*You get chaffing in really weird places and feel the need to tell everyone because you think it’s funny.


Now you tell me.  You know YOU are marathon training if….


19 thoughts on “You know you’re training for a marathon if…

  1. love it, love it!!
    great post!!!

    you know you are marathon training when……putting icepacks on your knees (or anywhere else on ur body) is just part of your routine.

    you know you are marathon training when waking up at 5 am and running is not crazy at all, but just a regular monday morning.

    you know you are marathon training when stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes you think to yourself ‘ hmm, i could have ran a 5 k during this time”

  2. Awesome list!!! All of these things are so true… we can totally relate! My social life has taken a major dive… I swear I am in bed before the neighborhood kids on the weekends!

    My contribution:

    …if your closet is filled with more running shoes than “cute” shoes.
    …if you see numbers everywhere that remind you of distances, paces and time goals.

  3. very true! Great list.

    -you know all the bathroom stops in a 30km radius..and which ones are ‘runner’ friendly.
    -you don’t giggle at terms like “fartlek” or “body glide’.
    -you are making oatmeal at 9pm on a Sat in prep for Sunday morning’s long run.
    -you notice that your non-runner friends have no.idea how far a marathon actually is.

  4. love the list…

    and I would add- your co-workers think you’re pregnant because you have to use the bathroom every 30 minutes and don’t realize it’s because you are constantly hydrating.

    you don’t think twice about paying $10 for a single pair of socks and get excited about getting to try them out.

    you have to do twice the amount of laundry than normal to make sure your sweaty clothes aren’t harboring bacteria and growing colonies of mold on them. (oh and because you really want to use those $10 socks again!)

  5. I have a variation …

    You are seriously considering training for a marathon if this list inspires you and sounds like something to look forward to. 😉

  6. Great post.
    My additions:
    -You carry your training plan around with you everywhere so you can schedule your life accordingly.
    -Everyone around you now understands that a marathon is 26.2 miles
    -You have a blog to talk about running so your husband doesn’t go completely off the deep end.

  7. OMG! All these are SO true (except the salt thing – I haven’t done that one yet!)! I laugh that you wrote this before my post ranting about the “long” runs not being long anymore. I guess we are all getting to that point! 45 days! I’m so nervous and scared!

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