Whatta Month!


I knew August was a busy month for me, but I didn’t realize how busy until I stopped and looked back through the month before excitedly flipping the calendar over to September.

Not only did I co-host two amazing fundraisers for Team In Training – here & here.

I celebrated two wonderful friend’s birthday’s (Courtney & Jessica!)

I re-committed to my marathon and celebrated with the Team.

I even attended another teammates fundraiser and ‘Shopped for The Cause’!

I attended a Beer Festival.

I went on a day long wine tour with The Boise Young Proffessionals group.

And even managed to escape Boise and spend a night with family at my Aunt’s Cabin last weekend to pre-celebrate my mom’s birthday!

Whew! And that’s not all…

I somehow managed to pound out 100 Miles!

Your eyes did not deceive you when you just read TRIPLE DIGITS baby!

So I’m a little excited, but this was my first time hitting the big 1-0-0!

I hit milestones in my running too.  14 Miles  &  16 Miles  (Woo Hoo x 2!)

Yup, so in between ALL the fun & fundraising, I was running up a storm too. Hard to believe even for me. I keep counting and re-counting up the miles and it keeps saying 100.50 miles!

My Monthly Mileage Total for August is: 100.50 miles

My Yearly Mileage Total is: 391.75 miles

I am looking forward to September though! As another month to kick some running bootay! And yes it will probably be equally as busy this month, but I am so excited to inch closer and closer to marathon day!

What is your milestone mileage for one month of running? This is the place to boast your accomplishments and be proud of them!


11 thoughts on “Whatta Month!

  1. wow LInzi, that is incredible! That is a seriously busy and good month.
    congrats to 100 miles. that is awesome. that is my goal for september!!

    u r doing incredibly well. i am so happy and proud.

    hahah we have the same shoes. thats awesome. hopefully they bring me the same luck they have brought you.

    good luck in September!

  2. WOW!!! That is so awesome girl! You rock!

    I ran 61 last month-the most I’ve done is 65. I’m hoping to maintain 85/month next year to reach 1000 miles in one year 😀

  3. I love looking back at a busy month and thinking about how much fun I’ve had, and that I’ve stayed sane through it all!

    My biggest mileage month was August – 110!

  4. Woohoo! Fantastic 100 miles!

    You sure had a busy month but with so much fun things to do and so many milestones. May September bring you more of that.

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