The Climb


Last night’s running adventures led me to the hill climb.

It’s been a few weeks since I have visited this steep beast and quite frankly I was not looking forward to it this go around.

Since my trip up last saturday, I have been dragging a lot on my runs this week. And this run was no different.

I’m not blaming the fall, but am blaming the shoes. I have 8 months and over 400 miles on these babies.

They have definitely seen better days!

I have seen so many fellow bloggers getting new kicks and it’s making my feet jealous!

So the big plan this weekend is to remedy that, and re-create the joy I felt back on December 29th when I first bought these pink runners!

3 cheers for new running shoes!

Back to the run though….

Our run was a simple half-mile warm-up then a straight 20 minute run up hill and back down followed by a 10 minute cool down.

Having avoided the big hills for the last few weeks I knew this was going to be a struggle.

But every time I struggled, I just kept thinking SAN FRANCISCO…SAN FRANCISCO!

Cuz really, those hills are going to be there whether I like it or not. So my sunshiny attitude came back and I took that hill head-on.

And it totally helped that I had my Team In Training peeps there to encourage me along the way.

I’m sure I have ranted & raved enough about Team in Training, but if you even have the smallest desire to join ‘The Team’ then you should consider doing it. It’s the most amazing feeling of support! And for a newer runner like myself it is SO nice to have a group of running friends who can relate!

And it was awesome having my Bestie there to trudge up the hill with too! Coincidentally both of our legs felt like lead so we were motivating each other to the top of the hill.

But once we hit the top it was pretty much smooth sailing down! Gotta love that! 🙂

This run was definitely nothing to write home about when all was said and done, but a run is a run. And when your marathon is lurking around the corner you can’t afford to miss the hill training. So I am just glad I went anyways!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


12 thoughts on “The Climb

  1. I know the feeling of having amazing new shoes and I think it would really help :)! The excitement alone can be a big boost. Sometimes new shoes are just what a gal needs!

  2. I need new shoes too and seeing everyone getting some is making me jelaous too! I think I’m going to use getting new shoes as motivation to sign up for my first race this month!

    That hill looks KILLER, lol!

  3. Awesome job conquering that hill time and time again. This WILL pay off in SF.

    Also, thanks for your awesome comment & support; it means a lot! I hear you on running and weight loss. You’d think it would come easily but it’s quite the opposite. I struggle daily and wonder if I will ever be at my “ideal” weight but the important thing is that we are healthy!

  4. i can def relate to cheering on TNT!! i absolutely love them! just found out yesterday i will be going to san fran too! not running, just cheering! maybe i’ll see ya there!

  5. I hope to get a bit more into running in additional to my typical workouts after this pregnancy. I know if I ever become serious about it and do races and things I will NEED a group of support like TNT. It sounds so fabulous.

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