The title claims EPIC-NESS but it definitely did not start that way. 😦

I awoke to the words of J. Alabama shouting “Babe – It’s 6:15 am, I think you are supposed to be running right now.”


We’ve all done it – you know, set your clock for P.M instead of A.M. 

Yeah, that was me this morning left with 15 minutes to change, scarf down some fuel and to meet my team for the longest run to date. It’s not as if I wasn’t already nervous enough about running 18 miles, being rushed on top of it really had me in a frenzy!

Luckily for me our team was slated to leave at 6:30 am and when I arrived they hadn’t left yet. Saved by the chit-chatters! YES!

It really was the perfect day for this kind of run. The crisp air felt amazing.

Our first 7 miles had us looping from our original starting point. The closer we got, the louder we could hear cheering. And then we spotted a mass of people.

Family members and friends of all the Team in Training runners lined the Greenbelt and cheered us on as we made our way through. It was just the boost we needed to keep our spirits high.

We kept trucking along even up the horrible Shenandoah hill. The hill is my arch-enemy and every time I see it I want to stomp all over it. So I did – though I had to take several walking breaks to make it through. The hill may have won this time, but come San Fran I will be the winner!

Close to the top of the hill we heard Maria’s name being yelled. We looked over and her Aunt was flagging us down.

Still warm out of the oven banana muffins? Yes please!

‘Twas the perfect gu alternative if you ask me.

We ran and ran and ran (and walked a little too). We took pictures of the city and just enjoyed the run for all that it was. We weren’t going to let this 18 miler scare us, oh no!

It was actually really fun to not worry about time or anything but finishing.

It wasn’t until mile 16 that I started to hit my wall. I was ready to be done, but Maria just trodded in front of me yelling “you can do this – we are almost there”.

I couldn’t leave her all alone up there, so I gave myself a silent pep talk and toughed it out the last two miles.

It was EPIC.

It was amazing.

It was unforgettable. 

We were again greeted by other Team in Training members, family and friends congratulating us on our run. And there was also a glorious feast awaiting us.

But yet again, no epic run is complete without the TNT ritual.

Another glorious “ice bath”.  And today it felt so good!

Maria and I rocked 18 miles. It was hard but we toughed through it.

{5 + 5+ 5 + 3 = 18!}

Total Distance: 18 miles |  Total Time:  3 hours 50 minutes

And now I’m getting ready to eat my second lunch and hit up yet another fun festival called Art in The Park. 

I swear Boise has had some sort of festival going on every weekend this entire summer. The best way to keep your legs from feeling stiff and hurting is to walk it off!  Oh yeah and Maria said I could get an elephant ear because I just ran 18 miles. Sold!

Hope your weekend is EPIC too.  (I think I only used the word epic 6 times in the writing of this post. Now that there is epic of itself! 7 whoopee!)

Disclaimer: Apparently running many miles, drinking large amounts of sugary gaterade and jumping into an ice cold river can make you a bit crazy!!

22 thoughts on “EPIC 18

  1. great job linzi!!! i am so proud and happy for u.
    i just ran 18 miles…..woooaohooo!!!
    reading this makes me believe that i can do my 19 tomoro.

    love the banana muffins and the ‘ice bath’

  2. Congrats on an epic 18! So cool that family was there to cheer on all of you. I love your group, wish we had something like this here. We do have running groups but they are never working towards a goal together that’s why I don’t join them.

  3. Congratulations! When is your marathon? 18 miles is great!

    I ran my first race in July, a 5K and am now training for a November 10K.

    Running is something I thought I hated until I really tried it and now I am totally in love!

  4. Good job! Must be so nice having a great group supporting you with the cheering and the feast after. And what a beautiful day you had too. All we got was pouring rain here – gross!

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