The Belt


So on my long run on Saturday I broke the most important rule of running a race – never do anything that you don’t normally do.

That is in reference to eating something different or wearing a piece of clothing for the first time.

Though Saturday’s run was definitely NOT a race, it was the longest run I have ran to date and I tend to treat every long run as if it’s a race.

But in this case, I knew I only had the 18 and a 20 mile run left on my training plan to do my product testing, so I risked it.

You may all remember the girl with the camelbak.

I have trained ALL season with this thing lugged to my back. Honestly I never even noticed it most of the time, and really fell in love with it.

But then I started to notice after the longer runs I would wake up the next morning with a lot of muscle soreness in my back. I realized I was actually scrunching my shoulders up to hold the backpack and in turn would make me really tense and give me muscle soreness.

Not a huge deal, but I figured my window to try and train with anything else was getting smaller.

So I spontaneously bought a hydration belt last week. Saturday marked the day for the trial run. Yup, an 18 mile long trial run.

That’s where I was a little nervous, but figured if the thing bugged me too bad I could take it off.

I went for the two bottles belt and added on a side pouch.

A little Team in Training love. 🙂

This thing holds SO much stuff too, which is a hugely appreciated. 

I had a camera, three gu’s and some chomps on my long run and it all fit perfectly.

The Belt Review:

*Once I found the right spot on my hips, it set nicely and I could barely even feel it there. And it didn’t ride up to much during the run either.

*I didn’t have any soreness in my body from wearing it. ( I was mainly concerned with lower back issues with the added weight)

*I ran the whole 18 miles and had no chaffing or any other issues.

In my book that is a winner!

Now, I’m not hating on the camelbak either. I love that thing and would definitely wear it on a bike ride, a hike, or even a trail run.

I just think for those long runs, the added back soreness I was getting just didn’t seem necessary.

And with the hydration belt I feel less constricted.

So the Amphipod hydration belt is awesome, and it only cost me $29.99 which seemed very reasonable compared to some other belts I had been eyeing. I have seen them anywhere from $30-$50. So I felt pretty good about my purchase.

What is your preferred hydration method for long runs?  Handheld, Camelbak, Hydration belt…..?

The lesson I learned from this experiment is never be afraid to try something new even if what you have has been working alright. Just make sure to give yourself a trial period. As I mentioned, I knew I was coming down to the wire on changing up my marathon routine, so I just squeaked in at the last-minute on the hydration belt, but am truly glad I did.

14 thoughts on “The Belt

  1. Thanks for the info on the different methods of hydration for long runs. I have recently began looking at different methods as I begin to add miles. I haven’t added anything new to my running as far as hydration goes but recently found that even on a recent 5 miler I feel that I need even a sip or two of water in which case I was considering a handheld. BUT that being said I am not sure it would be worth putting the money into that if my ultimate plan is the half marathon distance. So, I have been eyeing a belt much like yours…belt, pouch and 2 bottles. Good to know this one didn’t move much, if at all because that is my fear with a belt in the first place. I want nothing to do with anything that I have to fidget with the whole time I am running.

  2. I usually use my handheld. If i go for longer runs, where i will be looping around getting food and drinks from either my car or my house, that is all i need.
    I do own a fuel belt and will probably use it for my marathon.

    i have never used a camelback and would love to try it, but cant really afford any new running toys this season. lol

    again, congrats on the 18 miles.
    OHHH and i have an idea for a fruity friday. we have not done one in so long. wanna do one this week? wanna try a fig??

  3. So glad the belt worked out well for you! I have a Nathan hydration backpack which I have used in the past, but I really notice the extra weight on my back/shoulders. Sometimes I wear a fuel belt, but I find it never sits properly and rotates itself around! Argh!

    A handheld is the way to go for me!!!

  4. I like my belt. It seems to be a winner. I have experienced belly button chafing with mine (ouch!) but it has a bigger area around my stomach than yours does but as long as I remember the Body Glide, it is fine. As I said in my post today, I hated the handheld. Guess it just takes experimentation…glad yours worked on your 18 miler!!

  5. I agree- the added muscle soreness definitely doesn’t need to be there! I love how the hydration belt holds so much stuff! I typically carry one ten oz handheld water bottle on my longer runs and refill it at my car. Obviously I won’t be able to do that at the half! I borrowed my friend’s husband’s fuel belt (similar to yours) and I really liked it! Which reminds me, I should probably go purchase one before my next long run this weekend 🙂

    Awesome job on the 18 miles!

  6. Ooooh! You’re lucky that it didn’t bother you! My belt reaaaally hit me wrong this weekend during the half marathon since my stomach was bothering me throughout the race. I’ve been told to buy a kid’s size camelbak, although I never thought about that kind of shoulder pain!!!

  7. I’m not a long distance runner (yet!) but I love my spibelt. I usually carry water with me or run somewhere with drinking fountains. I’ll have to try a hydration belt out though when I start doing longer runs. The spibelt has never irritated me and I’d imagine the hydration belt would be similar.

  8. I use a belt for my long runs. I hate it to carry stuff in my hand during running. The only thing about your belt is: aren’t two bottles enough for your long run? My belt can carry 6 of those bottles although at the moment I only use 2 since I haven’t run longer distances than 11K.

    I don’t really like wearing the belt although it doesn’t bother me during my run but sometimes you have to.

  9. I recently bought a hydration belt too. I’ve worn it on two runs (a 10 miler and a 20 miler) and while it dose chaffe me a teesy bit, I still prefer it to my CamelBak. First because, like you said, there’s less stiffness in my back, and second because it makes me feel more like a REAL runner. I’m a dork, whatev… 😉

  10. I use the same belt, but mine can hold up to 4 bottles. I load that thing up! Sometimes it makes my butt a bit sore, but I agree that it does not ride up and really like it.

    I would love to try a camelbak someday!

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